Get country-specific Outlook Email ID like, etc

The popular free email service from Microsoft, also allows you to sign-up for country-specific email IDs. Microsoft offers several country-specific @outlook addresses. If you would like an email domain specific to your country, like, or say, you will be able to get one.

Country-specific Outlook email domain

To get one, first you should visit and click on the Sign up now link given in the bottom right side. On the Create an account page, if you are offered a country-specific domain in the Username drop-down menu fine, you can go ahead and sign up. But the chances are that you wont see anything except and options.

So what you need to do is, to open the country-specific page for your country. I am taking the example of India here, so I open  In the top right-side, you will see a Sign In, link. Click on it.


You will be taken to the Sign In page. Click on the Sign up now link given in the bottom right side.


You will be taken to the Create an account page, where you will be required to fill in your details. Under User name, click on the Or use your favorite email link.

country-specific Outlook Email ID

Now, you will get to see your country-specific email domain too, in addition to the other too. In this image you can see the email ID being offered to me.

Microsoft offers 32 country-specific @outlook addresses as shown below in the image. Pick the one you want and follow the procedure.

country-specific Outlook Email ID

All you need to do is, identify the subdomain for your country, visit it and start the process from there. This can work for you too. users can also create an email alias. Having an email alias is very useful, if you do not want to give out your main email ID to someone, and do not want to create a new one – but instead manage the account from your existing account. This way, you can use different email IDs for different things easily.

Our email account contains a lot of important mail, personal data, sensitive business information, etc. It is therefore imperative that you do not take your (earlier Hotmail) Sign In process casually. Go here for some Outlook Login  tips.

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