How to create, add, delete, use Outlook Email Alias or Microsoft Accounts supports multiple email aliases. Yes, you can now add an alias i.e. an additional email address to your Outlook account and protect your primary e-mail address. This additional outlook account uses same inbox, contact list, and other settings.

You can login to both your primary email address as well as the alias using the same password and send an email, no matter what device you are using. This alias feature is also helpful for those who want to change their email address but want to keep the emails. You can create an alias and then set it as your primary email address and remove the original alias. In this post, we will learn how to create and use aliases to add email addresses to your account – and how to remove or delete them if you wish to, later on – but you cannot now link two email IDs or Microsoft accounts.

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Outlook Email Alias

Create or add Outlook Email Alias

To add an alias, Sign-in to your Microsoft account and click on ‘Your Info’.Outlook Email Alias

Go to ‘Manage your sign-in email address’.

add create Outlook Email Alias

Select ‘Add email alias’, enter a new email address you want as your alias and click at ‘add alias’. You will get an email for every new alias you create. outlook alias 3

Here you can also change your primary alias. As we know our primary alias appears when we share anything from our devices we are signed-in such as Xbox, Surface, and Windows Phone, you make your new alias as the Primary Alias and Remove the old one. Please note, that you can’t change your Primary Alias for more than twice a week.

You can also add any of your existing Microsoft email address as your new alias in or

xyz outlook

Outlook allows you to create up to ten new aliases per year. You can delete make a new one if you want to have the eleventh one, but you can’t exceed the yearly limit of 10 aliases. Also, you cannot add your existing Microsoft account from service providers like,, and Nonetheless, you can use other email providers like AIM Mail, Gmail, or Yahoo.

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How to use Outlook Email Alias

Go to your Microsoft email account and if you want to send an email using your alias, click on your account name in the top left corner and select the alias you want.

Outlook Email Alias

If you want to set your alias to be the default send-from address, click on the Settings icon on the top right corner and select Options. Under the option, ‘Managing your accounts’ select ‘your email accounts’.

outlook alias 7

Scroll down and go to Default ‘From’ Address. Select the alias you want your default sender email and you are done. outlook alias 8

Remove or Delete Outlook or Hotmail email alias


Visit this link to manage or remove your account or email aliases. Log in with your Microsoft Account, and you will be able to delete or remove your Outlook, or email aliases.

If you want to add an alias to make your primary email account even more safe and secure, head over to now.

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