Check if Windows 10 has started installing on your PC


  1. i tried to install but it didn’t work and on exiting setup it deleted most of the folder contents! wondering what i can do now, will it redownload in a couple of days? or have i ruined it? it just keeps giving me the same message that i’d be notified when ready

  2. There are two folders for me, not just one. The other is called $Windows.~WS and they are just a few Kilobytes in size so sadly is not downloading for me yet it seems.

  3. Sitting there all pretty, waiting to drop me in the queue… Bring it On Windows…

  4. “Even if you see the new Windows 10 folders, do not attempt to run any of
    these files in the folder. Running these files will not start Windows
    10 installation as it cannot be done manually this way.”
    Mick, did you not read the entire article? Dude…..

  5. You have reserved a copy, just check on the White Windows Flag in the System Tray, confirm that you still have a copy reserved, It will replace those files, when you are queued again for Installation. Don’t Panic, You will get it.

  6. Juan, Your copy is in the initial stages of setting it up on your hard drive, don’t bother it, and don’t worry, it will take place, Windows has decided to do this in Stages, so even if you see partial folders, it is doing this according to their Software Implementation Program.

  7. No success. Error messages. PC resetting, after that it stuck at downloading updates. I’m an amateur in PC operations. I think my Surface Pro 2 is an ex-PC now. It’s dead, Jim!

  8. Mick, Windows is getting downloade and I will wait till it gets done. Is there a guide on ‘what needs to be done to create a restore point in case I decide to revert to Windows 8.1’ ?

  9. It worked with my wins 8 laptop but with my win7 laptop the first time i got the error but it worked the second time i downloaded it.

  10. All worked well, but prior to installing I checked on Windows update which downloaded a prep file to allow for the installation to happen. Just clicking on the “get ready” dialogue wasted up to one and half hours. Only on checking Windows update did it install correctly, which took nearly 40 minutes on my oldish laptop. The new system is working fairly well but is still a little buggy – eg, Edge browser has a tendency to crash. I would advise anyone who is thinking of using a registry cleaner NOT TO; however Autoruns will give you a good idea of how the upgrade has left missing files all over the place. Note also that a Windows.old folder is created which is quite big – don’t delete this folder until the new operating system has settled over the coming months! Then do some research as whether it should be deleted or not…

  11. I was checking now and the folder $Windows.~WS contains files now. The size is 10 GB. But never received any notifications. I clicked Setup to test and the setup dialog started, but i cancelled it because i don’t know if everything needed was already downloaded. I’m not worry though, because i have the ISO already, but i don’t know if it will conflict with those folders.

  12. I get the window that says ( here’s what happens next ) then I click ( ok lets continue ) it starts the pinwheel then after about a minute it goes away and stops. the folder ( $Windows.~BT ) is about 6 gigs in size. what’s going on?

  13. I have been a windows user sense days of windows 3.0, I must say that this is a really Poor way to show case your new product. VERY POOR results. looks like an apple in my future.

  14. Hello I got a copy of win10 reserved using an outlook id.However I was to reinstall window 10. Now can I get the reserved copy or not I am unable to update my existing window 8.1 -64 B.If Microsoft track thru id then the chances seems bright else?? Can you pl let me know. I have a folder in my system by name $window.~BT and $window.~WS. When I click the first the next folder opens.Named-source>Panther>img,sources, and many more files.. Is this a correct window 10 download or should I delete this

  15. Can anyone help me. I have a program that is scheduled to delete any temp files every once in a while and im worried that it has deleted some of the windows 10 files because when i go into it it only has 2 folders named DUDownload and Sources. Is this a problem.

  16. I can see that windows 10 folder but its size is only 160 Mb and has only 2 sub folders DUdownload and sources…..

  17. Hi,
    I am trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and i tried doing it by Windows upgrade tool from Microsoft website. But in middle of the downloading it fails and i don’t know where it is residing in Harddisk. I did this many times and everytime it consumes space in Harddsisk and i am unable to found that. Please help me

  18. “Windows 10 will download in background, but will not start installation, without your consent.”
    I realize this article and discussion is old, but just wanted to point out that Windows 10 will install whether you consent or not. I came into work this morning and found one of our 5 stations running Windows 10. Not happy. I tried for 1/2 hour to see if it would suit us but it was so slow it was unusable. I rolled back to Windows 7, which was relatively painless and only took about 15 minutes. What a lousy way for them to force a new OS on our computer. Keep in mind you have 30 days to roll back to your previous OS if you don’t like Windows 10.

  19. Oh man… I am HATING windows 10. Since I installed it I am getting bouced off the internet all day long. I am going to try uninstalling it. I have to stop resisting switching to Apple.

  20. I reserved a copy of Windows 10 recently but checking the folder option, hidden folder, it comes up the $Windows.~BT with a date in 9-2015. All the folders are installed on my computer but nothing is happening. And I don’t have the little white flag in the systems tray. Help?

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