CDisplay Ex is a free Comic Book Reader for Windows

You can find loads of free comic books on the web that can be read on the mobile phone, tablet or computers. If you have a comic book in PDF, you can use either your standard web browser or a PDF reader to read that. However, if you have some digital comic books with extensions like .cbr, .cbz etc. you can install CDisplay Ex and start reading your favorite comic with ease.

Free comic book reader for Windows

CDisplay Ex free comic book reader for Windows

CDisplay Ex is a very useful, light-weight and free comic book reader that supports different formats including .pdf, .cbz, .cbr, .cbt, .cb7 and more. The user interface is neat and clean, and you will not have any problem while reading comics, since almost all the essential functions are included in this tool.

Features of CDisplay Ex

Several useful features are available in this free software. The following list contains some of them:

  • Leap Motion: It helps users to scroll up/down a page, get next page, etc. using a hand gesture. You need to enable it from the options.
  • Side-by-side pages: CDisplay Ex shows two pages at a time. Comic books come with more of images and less of text. Therefore, you do not have to scroll pages frequently since two pages can appear at a time.
  • Color correction: If you have a very old comic book, which doesn’t have the right color, you can adjust the color using CDisplay Ex.
  • Open multiple comic books: It does allow users to open multiple comic books at a time. You should get thumbnails on your left-hand side to choose a particular book.
  • Save specific page as an image: If you want to share a page of your comic book with your friends, you can save that page as a picture. Right-click on a page > select File > Save to File. However, make sure you are not violating the copyright of the owner.
  • Automatic slideshow: If you do not want to use your fingers to move from one page to another, you can turn on the automatic slideshow. It will move your pages automatically after a certain time.
  • Thumbnail view: You can enable thumbnail view to jump from one page to another. No need to scroll down or up to find a page.

There are more other features included in CDisplay Ex. You can also use the drag & drop technique to open a comic book.

There is yet another feature that can help you to view images from ZIP or RAR file with extracting. Let’s assume that you have 50 images in a ZIP file. If you want to see images consecutively, you cannot do so using Windows Photo Viewer or the new Photos app of Windows 10. But you can open the ZIP file with CDisplay Ex and view the images uninterruptedly.

If you like reading comics, you can download this free comic book reader for Windows from here. You may see some 3rd-party offers, so be careful during the installations process, and decline the offers.

Some of you might want to take a look at Portable GonVisor and Free Manga Downloader too. Here are some of the best free ePub Readers for Windows 10.

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  1. Alberto Gorin

    download it thank you

  2. Robert Palmar

    I used System Restore to remove everything in this case.
    As I said I declined all offers and still had junk installed.
    However this was about a year ago and the installer
    may be more honest now after all the complaints.

  3. Simo

    I think if it’s was a store app it won’t cause this problems

  4. Robert Palmar

    This is a classic app and there is no store app for Windows.
    It is less likely any store app can cause such issues though.

  5. Simo

    that’s why I think they should convert it to a store app

  6. Robert Palmar

    They could remove the (so called) offers while installing
    without converting it to a store app plus they want
    the revenue from people who install them.

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