Portable GonVisor: Free comic reader and image viewing tool for Windows

You may have lots of comic books, magazines, pictures  in electronic format on your Windows 8 computer. If you like to view them comfortably through a simple, useful application, then go for Portable GonVisor. It is a free comic reader and image viewing tool with a simple interface that gives you a lot of options and features. Portable GonVisor offers many ways to view, manipulate and interact with your formatted files. It supports a variety of files in many of the major formats like PDF files, CBR, CBA, ZIP, RAR and many more. These are common formats so you will feel comfortable working with Portable GonVisor that supports all of them.

Free comic reader

free comic reader

Portable GonVisor comes as a free comic reader and image viewing tool that has got lots of features to help you view your images comfortably in a sequence.

Portable GonVisor

It offers the following features:

1. File Viewer: You can get files into the viewer in many ways, you can drag and drop the images into the interface or from a file you can click on the open button to get your images. Also, by clicking on the Double Page (D) button, you can view and read two images at once. With GonVisor you can open all types of file like image files, comic formatted files, PDF files, compressed files and extract all the files to a folder. You can also use its bookmark feature to pursue your images from the same page you left earlier.

free comic and image viewing tool

2. File Management: After getting your images on the interface you can use the previous and next button or the slideshow to navigate between pages. By clicking on the image transition button you can manage the type, orientation and speed of the slideshow.

free comic and image viewing tool

3. View Controls: Using this free comic and image viewing tool you can enlarge particular areas of the image by clicking on the magnifier button. You can also view your images in the full screen mode.

4. Image adjustment: With the Portable GonVisor you can adjust, zoom and rotate the images as you want.

5. Printing: Selected images can be printed in Portable GonVisor by clicking on the File > Print option. You can also create PDF files with your selected photographs.

6. Other features: Always on top feature keeps the Portable GonVisor application on the top of other applications open at the same time in your system.

free comic and image viewing tool

7. Password: You can create an album using an unlimited number of images and can even protect them using a password.

This application is available in multiple languages like Spanish, French, Italian etc. Other than above listed features, it can also control your music players like Windows Media player, Winamp player. It maintains its own history of recent files from where you can select the photographs which you have already seen. The only thing in which Portable GonVisor lacks is proper documentation. Otherwise, this free comic reader and image viewing tool can do so much at free of cost.

GonVisor download

Click here to download the 1.7MB portable GonVisor. It is supported by all versions of Windows operating system.

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  2. Cavemanofmo

    Dont download this program, it will install unwanted software. Such as Optimiser Pro, which I clicked the Decline button and it installed it anyway. MalwareBytes had guaranteed the Gonvisor file to keep from installing. Now I’ll use System Restore to remove all of the junk.

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