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Fix ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error on Google Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser. But like any other software, it is prone to errors. One such error is the ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error. This is caused due to data being accessed using a port that is not recommended. […]

We couldn’t find any drives while installing Windows

If you are trying to install Windows in VirtualBox virtual machine, but you see an error message We couldn’t find any drives, To get a storage driver, click Load driver, then this post will help you fix that problem. This […]

Unable to load directory results says Skype on Windows 10

Skype is one crucial but sometimes, a bothersome application. While Microsoft has been bettering upon issues reported by Skype users all these years, some known problems remain unresolved. One such case is with the error – Unable to load directory […]

Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

The Microsoft Store is an integral part of the Windows 10 operating system. It is the distribution hub of various applications like Facebook, Netflix and more. Microsoft is looking forward to making it a hub for not just UWP applications […]

Skype can’t access Sound Card

Skype has been the premier video-calling application for Windows users. Video calling or voice calling needs a microphone, speaker & headphone, and this hardware then needs to communicate with the system and the Skype application.  If either of these devices […]

Fix error 0x80070013 for System Restore, Backup or Windows Update

Users have been reporting encountering error 0x80070013 while performing various operations on a Windows 10 computers. It includes System Restore, Windows Backup or Windows Updates. The error says, For System Restore the error states: System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s […]

The Windows Update service could not be stopped

The Windows Update service could not be stopped

If you are trying to stop Windows Update service using Command Prompt, but you receive a message The Windows Update service could not be stopped, here is what you can do to stop the Service. This message appears only when […]

Show or hide Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows 10

People who use the Windows operating system are aware of the Safely Remove Hardware functionality. This is a very useful function to protect the data on the USB from any harm when ejected from a computer. But many people tend […]

Windows 10 WHQL BIOS

What is Windows 10 WHQL setting in the BIOS?

Some of the OEMs have a unique feature in the BIOS – Windows 10 WHQL Setting – which allows one to run some particular test when it comes to drivers. The settings seem to have cited on a couple of […]


What is JUCheck.exe? Is it safe?

Java is a very important software and plugin. It enables the users to run a variety of new applications using a number of APIs and brings in support for various types of digital signature devices and more. It also helps […]

windows 10 cost price

How much does Windows 10 cost?

Are you planning to buy Windows 10? We have prepared this guide to help you figure out how much does Windows 10 cost?  What is Windows 10 Pro Upgrade price? And if you are looking to buy for business for […]

What is Windows 10 LTSC or Long-Term Servicing Channel?

When it comes to Windows Update, Microsoft wants consumers to keep their computers updated. However, this strategy doesn’t work for Business, and especially those devices which only depend on functionality and features that don’t change over time. That’s where Windows […]

Icons not showing in Windows Search Box on Windows 10

Icons help a user to select a file or identify that file. Both the complexity and visual appearance of the software goes down when these icons are not present. Some users have been facing this issue. They are reporting that […]

Rename Quick Access folders in Windows 10

How to rename Quick Access folders in Windows 10

Windows 10 Quick Access is a handy feature. It not only lists recent folders but also includes some system folders like documents, downloads, pictures and so on. If you ever wanted to rename Quick Access folders, we will guide you […]


How to open Group Policy Editor in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Group Policy Editor is a vital configuration editor that allows you to change settings organization-wide. Primarily it’s designed to IT admin can change advanced settings of a remote computer. However, if you have an administrator account, you […]