Fix: Taskbar explorer icon Jump List not working in Windows 7


  1. You could try this -> navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer registry key and delete the DWORD value ClearRecentDocsOnExit.

  2. That was helpful and the solution was slightly different for me. The destination folder was “Recent Items” and I deleted all the files in there. NOTE: These were only shortcuts. Then the jump lists worked again. So first Ifind the folder “AppData” by typing %AppData% into the address bar of windows explorer and then navigated to “Recent”. Before you start this process enable “View hidden folders” and then hide them again when you’re done.

  3. That suggestion did not work for me. What fixed the jumplist for Windows Explorer was removing the Windows Explorer shortcut from the Task Bar and putting a new one there from the Start Menu. now it is back to normal.

  4. Your simple fix above “First right click taskbar > Properties > Start Menu tab, etc.” worked great. Much appreciated by someone who’s computer challenged. Other “fixes” ignored the obvious and would have had me deleting and/or mucking w/files unnecessarily. So good job, and *thanks*!

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