This app has been blocked for your protection message in Windows 10

Windows 10 has introduced a lot of new security features for your protection. One of them prevents unauthorized access to system files. While this is good for your safety, at times it may block legitimate access, and you may end up with an error – This app has been blocked for your protection.

If you receive this error message, here is a way to bypass the issue. But before that, we would suggest you turn off the SmartScreen filter and see if it helps. You may use our Ultimate Windows Tweaker to do so in a click. Even if toggling the SmartScreen filter doesn’t help, try running the program from an elevated command prompt. If all the mentioned steps fail to help you install the program then, you may be required to temporarily bypass the issue. This will of course work on Windows 10/8.1 and Windows 7, as well.

This app has been blocked for your protection

This app has been blocked for your protection

The steps outlined below will help you bypass the issue:

1] Open “WinX Menu” and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”.

2] Once the command prompt window is opened, just punch in the following command and hit Enter:

 net user administrator /active:yes

After entering the command, you will be see a message that says “The command completed successfully”.

What you have done is enabled the hidden super administrative user account.

3] Restart your computer.

4] At the login screen, again log into your Administrator account. SmartScreen protection for the operating system will be turned off.

5] At this juncture there should be absolutely no problem in installing any programs and once you are done with the necessary installations, log out of the admin account, and use any account of your choice.

6] It is not very safe to keep this Super Admin account active, as this super administrator account has elevated privileges, and so we would suggest you to disable the account, once your wok is done, so as to keep hackers and cyber criminals at bay.

To disable it, go to command prompt and execute the following command

net user administrator /active:no

The essence of the entire subject is to install the software we know are safe without disturbing the Windows SmartScreen feature.

See this post if you receive a This app can’t run on your PC message.

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