Reset Windows 7 Registry and System Services to its default value with RefreshPC

RefreshPC is a freeware tool that promises to reset your Windows Registry and Windows Services to its default values.

UPDATE: Read about RefreshPC 2.0 instead.

Once you have downloaded the app, click on the Refresh My Windows 7 Settings. The  app will first ask you if you want to create a system restore point, then identify your OS and finally attempt to reset select Windows registry settings to its know default values. No information is given as to which  values will be changed.

It will also attempt to reset all the Windows Services startup types to its default values and clean out the Temp folders and the Prefetch folders; all in one go. Wish there was an option to select!

Windows Next (Or Windows 8 as some prefer to call it) is rumored to have a Restore OS to factory defaults settings, and this tool promises to do something similar.

I have downloaded the tool but not tried it. When I downloaded the tool my NOD32 gave me a warning. I believe that Kaspersky also screams out a warning. So you might want to factor this in, before you do decide to try it out. Let us know if any other antivirus gives out a warning. Maybe its a false positive – or maybe not! But this is something that its developers will have to sort out with the respective antivirus companies.

I’d recommend you try out this tool, only IF you have exhausted all other options, including a system restore or running the system file checker, in case you are facing some unspecified OS issues, because in the process of fixing something you could end up breaking something instead. So if you dont want to run a Repair Install on your Windows installation and are instead looking for a quick fix, you may consider running this tool.

Before you try out this tool it might be a good idea to create a system restore point first. The program does prompt you to do so. You may also want to backup your data.

RefreshPC works on Windows 7, Vista and XP, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Incidentally, SMART – Service Management And RealEasy Tweaking Utility for Windows 7, Vista and XP is a freeware utility which helps you tweak Windows 7 Services, based on the suggested configurations of BlackVipers and also lets you reset Services values to its defaults.

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