Free Registry Defragmenter to defrag Windows Registry


  1. Nice articale Anand, while I don’t use registry utilities much any more
    one I did use and found quite good was Registry Life By ChemTable.
    It clean’s and repair’s the registry, backup’s and then defragment’s if
    needed and it’s free. Here’s the home page if you want a look.


  2. I just use CCleaner and MAYBE Defragler. Windows defrags itself automatically starting in Windows 7 SP2, it automatically turns off defrag on any drive it sees as being an SSD as defrag is completely unnecessary on SSD’s, it properly identifies 99% or SSD’s, and it does just as fine a job as any of these.
    Plus there are so many BS paid “registry optimizers” “registry defraggers” (Lol) and “system optimizers” that either don’t actually do anything to warrant paying for them or worse, actually do harm to your computer and/or are bundled with actual malware, that I steer clear of all that crap. I see iObit software being advertised on this website. That automatically is a red flag to me, because you can’t get much more BS than iObit : /

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