How to Zoom in or out using Mouse wheel in Photos app on Windows 10


  1. Any idea why I am missing the Mouse Wheel option in the settings? After the last big update the mouse wheel will only zoom in or out and I can’t change it back to scroll.

  2. Sure the menu changed a little bit but you can still do it.

    – Open a picture.

    – Click or double click depend on your click setting on “See all photo” icon at upper left corner.

    – Click the three dots at upper right corner to pull down a list.

    – Click or double click Settings on the list.

    – Scroll down to “Mouse wheel” and check one of the box “View next or previous items” or “Zoom in and zoom out”.

    Of course today is 03/02/18, who knows if it will change again in the future.

  3. I got to that section but there’s nothing there for mouse wheel. All it shows for me is:

    Sources, Microsoft OneDrive, Viewing and editing, Tile, Mode, About this app.

    I can’t figure out why the mouse wheel setting isn’t there for me when it is for other people.

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