Add Windows Update Cleanup option to Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 7


  1. Thanks. About time M/Soft included this feature. Took about five minutes to clean-up and gained an extra 3 gigs (Re-Start required). For my laptop that’s a god-send!

  2. They should have added this option in Windows 7 ages ago.

    I have never deleted anything from the WinSxS folder either because it
    was always recommended on various websites not to touch the contents
    of this folder or could break something.

    I used this new option after I noticed it after installing the available yesterday’s
    windows updates and it has freed over 4 GB of hard drive space for me.

  3. To resolve a critical problem (a virus maybe), I had to restore my Vaio laptop using the recovery partition about one month ago, so my Windows is rather new.

    I clean up my system by CCleaner on a regular basis but thanks to this impressive update, Windows Cleanup removed 3.25Gb of old WU and SP backups.

    Well done, Microsoft!

  4. So it removes the Uninstaller/backup files files for individual updates, like you could do in XP with the $NTUninstall files then? it doesnt actually remove installed updates ???

  5. Using win7 SP1, 32bit & 64bit. Unfortunately, when I dl either I receive this message when I run the Validation tool: This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is nolonger supported. Please download the newest version and ensure that your system clock is accurate. Please help.

  6. The only update available today was a minor one but yesterday there were numerous. As soon as I receive an update notification I dl & install them.

  7. Are you sure the windows update disk cleanup doesn’t just remove files from windowssoftwaredistributiondownload and maybe windowsinstaller$PatchCache$ ?

  8. okay so.. it just said deleting all these un needed files and went from 740mb free to 677mb free.. what the heck?

  9. I also tried this 6 times on windows 8, didn’t work for me.
    After cleanup and restart, Update files still 1.53GB (for every time).

  10. For windows 8 up use Dism to cleanup your image. Use this in a admin. cmd box:
    Dism /Cleanup-Image /Online /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase

  11. It does not work, the update is already on my PC, but I do not see the “Windows Update Cleanup” option.

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