Clean up WinSxS Directory in Windows Server with new Update


  1. Thank you Andy.
    This is really good news for all of us who uses WS2008-R2 as a workstation.
    Microsoft released a similar update some time ago, but unfortunately it was only for W7, not WS2008-R2.
    So this update is welcome.
    But it is a bit strange that you don´t mention that this update also applies to W7 (with SP1) !?

    At first I thought I was at the wrong forum…
    Your post looks like it would have been posted on: “Windows Server to Workstation”:
    I´m going to post about it there, with a link to TWC….

  2. … what about Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) and Vista? They could use the update too, and they’re not dead.

  3. hello.. I have a server with 7,7 GB in winsxs folder. I do niot use windows update. We have another tool to install updates. So do get the disk cleanup but windows update cleanup is not there.
    maybe because we don’t use win update.
    But how do i then clean up in the winsxs?

  4. I have Windows Server 2008 R2 and it has winsxs folder with 9.5 GB data. The data in there is building up since 2009. When I do the disk cleanup, Windows update shows less than 1 GB of data. Looks like disk cleanup is not picking up all the data. What am I missing here?

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