Windows Ink features in Windows 10

Most tablet devices support pen technology but using the same on Windows can be a complicated place. However, things are seemingly changing with the introduction of Windows Ink. The technology intends to simplify pen experience on Windows 10 devices and deliver on the promise of making your writing on electronic devices as easy as on a paper.

Windows Ink features

Windows Ink is the set of pen-driven experiences that help you set your ideas in motion with your pen, says Microsoft.

Windows Ink simplifies the Pen experience on Windows 10 devices and helps you set your ideas in motion by bringing together all ink-powered features and apps to your device via Windows Ink Workspace. The section gets all features in one single easy-to-access UX canvas.

Windows Ink features

To witness the working power of Windows Ink feature, just press the Windows Ink Workspace button in the system tray. When done, all your pen-enabled experiences such as sketchpad, screen sketch and Sticky Notes will instantly show up! For users not having a device with an active pen but interested in trying out Windows Ink Workspace, can right-click on the taskbar and select “Show Windows Ink Workspace button” option.

Within the Windows Ink Workspace, the key experiences a user can find are:

1] Sketchpad

Offers a plain and simple blank canvas where you can draw an idea, doodle, create/solve a problem or pursue your practice of jotting down important notes.

2] Screen sketch

Screen sketch lets you draw on a screen capture of your entire desktop. It also allows you to render your creation a personal touch and share it easily with the rest of your working colleagues.

3] Improved Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes allow you to create and save notes to your Windows machine. But now, it will have the ability to create Cortana reminders, write a phone number and ready itself for calling, write down a flight number and use Bing to fetch flight data and more.

The Ink workspace also has dedicated application section where developers of the app experience recommend to users the best pen app suiting their needs. The suggested apps are mostly artist-focused applications and will help you get your work done quickly.

To access these ink applications, head over to Settings. Next, choose Devices and under the list of options displayed, select Pen to customize the settings. You can customize everything from the click of your Bluetooth pen buttons to whether or not you wish to access Windows Ink Workspace above the lock screen.

Windows Ink

Take a look at the video to get a better idea.

Source: Microsoft.

If you do not use a touch device, you might as well disable Windows Ink Workspace.

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  1. I can;t see the “Pen” option in Settings. Also, how do I get the Workspace icon in System Tray? Do I need to install any update? I am still running November upgrade.

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