How to use Windows Ink in the Windows 10 Maps app

If there are vacations coming up and you are planning a trip somewhere, it’s essential to have a custom travel plan at hand first to help you manage the trip. It helps in plugging travel locations on a map so that you can keep track of your hotel, places you would like to visit, restaurants, and more all on the single chart. Having all this information beforehand, help immensely in scheduling the trip as planned. Windows Ink Workspace on your PC has some role to play here. By drawing in Windows 10 Maps app, you can easily get directions, measure distances, leave notes and do more. So, let us see how to use Windows Ink in the Windows 10 Maps app.

Using Windows Ink in the Windows 10 Maps

1] Draw a Line between 2 Points to give Instant directions

Windows Ink in Windows 10 Maps

Using Windows Ink feature, you can draw a line between your start point and destination. After launching the Maps app, just search the Start Menu for Maps and look for the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of the app window.

Maps app will quickly convert your ink into a route and give you directions. You can get turn-by-turn navigation and directions to reach your destination in time.

2] Markup and add notes to your map


Once you are aware of the routes available to reach your destination, you can mark up and add notes to the map. Annotated maps and diagrams remind you about famous tourist venues and special places, so you do not miss them in your itinerary.

 3] Discover a route and measure distances


With built-in measure tool in Windows 10 Maps App, you can easily find out the distance of your walk, ride or kayak route. Just find a route on the map, and the app will calculate the distance to reach the destination for you.

4] Use the ruler for perfectly straight lines on your map


One can use the ruler to draw straight lines directly on the map to outline an area. Besides, the tool can also be used in combination with the measure distance tool to get the distance between multiple points. The whole ink platform supports a ruler tool. You can rotate it with two fingers or drag it around with a single finger.

You can use Windows Ink with your device’s pen. The new Ink functionality was recently made a part of the “Anniversary Update” to Windows 10, says Microsoft.

Windows Ink simplifies the Pen experience on Windows 10 devices and helps you set your ideas in motion by bringing together all ink-powered features and apps to your device. Using this feature you will be able to get the best experience while using the Maps app.

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