Download Windows Ink Guide for Windows 10 from Microsoft

Going ahead on its vision to expand digital writing on Windows 10 PC’s, Microsoft unveiled its new feature – the Windows Ink Workspace. Windows Ink is a step further in its efforts to increase people’s productivity. Windows Ink allows for a multitude of tasks to be done using digital pens, right from scribbling ideas on notes to drawing on sketchpads.

Download Windows Ink Guide

download windows ink guide

Besides supporting digital pen-enabled apps, the Windows Ink Workspace contains Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screens Sketch applications. All three applications are geared towards making it easier and faster to use digital pens.

Sketchpad is primarily a blank whiteboard that allows you to choose different styles of writing, thickness and colors of pens. The image drawn on the sketchpad can conveniently be saved to an image file or shared through apps installed on your PC.

The Screen Sketch application, on the other hand, allows you to take a quick snapshot of your screen and write or draw directly on the screenshot. Similar to Sketchpad drawing, you can save the screenshots to an image file and share it using the sharing options given in the application.

But what is truly amazing about Windows Ink’s ink-powered features is their integration with Cortana, Bing, and apps like Maps and Mail. As conveyed very well by Microsoft, Windows Ink “combines the speed and naturalness of pen and paper with the power of computer.”

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So, how do you benefit from using Windows Ink? First, it helps you put your “ideas in motion”. Have a thought? Write it straight away on a sticky note or draw it effortlessly on the sketchpad! This will require nothing more than a simple click of your digital pen. How would you feel if you wrote a flight number on a sticky note and automatically obtained all details regarding the route, timings, etc. of the flight? By clicking on “Enable Insights”, you can integrate the sticky notes with Cortana and other apps.

Here’s how to use Windows Ink to enhance your user experience:

  1. Go to the taskbar in the lower-right part of your screen and select the Windows Ink Workspace or click the back of your pen. In case you don’t see the Windows Ink icon, you can right-click anywhere in your taskbar and then select Show Windows Ink Workspace button.
  2. That’s it! You are ready now to start drawing, editing documents, and writing sticky notes. There are no worries for those of you who do not have a pen; you can conveniently use your mouse or finger to get started!

The Windows Ink Workspace even allows you to customize your pen’s settings by going to Start> Settings > Devices > Pen & Windows link. This enables you to exert greater control over how your pen functions. You can also assign programs to certain button presses in such a way that when you press those buttons, the set program gets opened. All you have to do is to simply set up pen shortcuts by clicking the eraser button on top of the pen. Of course, if you do not use it, you can always disable Windows Ink Workspace.

You can download the guide here from Microsoft.

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