1. einnoc22

    When I set up Windows Hello initially, it worked once. It has never been able to recognize me again. I have to use a PIN or password now. I’ve tried to “get started” again, and get to the point where it asks for my PIN. I enter it, the curser swirls in a circle for a minute… and then stops… and nothing happens. It gives me no option to remove the old photo – In fact, I have no clue where to even FIND the old photo. I can’t find a place where it will take my photo again…. HELP! It’s so frustrating having it “looking for” me… and then “not recognizing me” every time, then inevitably having to enter my password anyway…

  2. sue Norris

    I’ve tried every pin i can think of and none work. Now what do I do? I can’t get on with facial recognition as it says the camera is not working and no pin that I can possibly every remember using will let me on either. Is it damaging to shut it down over and over by just turning off the power?

  3. Damian


    I’ve bought a external fingerprint sensor for my HP notebook. I’ve installed all the latest drivers for it and the system states that it is working fine. I’ve also updated the windows 10 for April release so this is the latest version. I have tried to use Windows Hello but the system will allow me to use a password and pin (even the option for locking with a Bluetooth device (Note 8) but nothing for the fingerprint sensor. in fact Windows Hello states that it is “not available on this device.”

    Thanks in advance.

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