How to troubleshoot Surface Type Cover or Keyboard connectivity issues

Surface Type Cover or Keyboard delivers one of the best experiences when it comes to typing. Not only its designed to bring the best looks, it is also designed to make sure that you can get your work done properly, and faster. However, if you are having a problem, where either the keyboard is not getting detected or isn’t typing at all, let’s troubleshoot your Surface Type Cover or keyboard. Sometimes, just simple things like detaching and reattaching the Surface Type Cover or keyboard solves the problem.

Troubleshoot Surface Type Cover or Keyboard Connectivity Issues


Before we start, make sure you check if Surface Cover is torn or needs physical repair or replacement, if under warranty. You can get over to Microsoft Device page, and check. You should have your keyboard registered, and talk to customer care about it.

Make sure to have the latest driver Installed

Make sure to install latest Windows Updates for your Surface. This will also install the latest drives to make sure it is compatible with Surface and Windows 10. In case everything is up to date, you might want to forcefully reinstall the Surface Cover driver.

  • Open Device Manager, and expand Keyboards section, and then right-click Surface Type Cover Filter Device.
  • Select Uninstall device> OK.
  • Restart your Surface.
  • This will make Windows see it as a new device, and it’ll automatically download and install the Surface Cover driver. The Internet is must for this.

Clean the Type Cover connectors

It is possible that dust stuck between the connectors aren’t allowing it to work properly. You can use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean it. Just rub it back and forth over the six circular magnets on the Type Cover’s connector. Then let it dry. Once its dry, reattach the cover and make sure that all the magnets touch the bottom edge of your Surface.

Reset your Surface if you are not able to type at all

This is probably the worst situation. If you are not able to type at all, either your keyboard is at fault else, you need to reinstall everything on your Surface device.

The best solution is to take your Surface to a shop and get it checked with a spare keyboard. If it works, then the problem is with your keyboard. You need to buy a new one or repair. If your keyboard is working on a different surface, then you need to reset everything on your Surface.

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