Windows 10 suddenly deactivated itself after Update


  1. Thank you sooooo mucccch!!! been on other websites couldn’t find anything but this worked! I used the command key

  2. none of that works, my computer insistss that my product key (digital key) is for windows home, and what i have installed is windows pro, i have no idea how pro got to be on my machine, it happened all of a sudden

  3. LOL, same issue here man!!! I guess this is a new current problem that came up right now. I had WIN 10 PROFESSIONAL EDITION 64-BIT. Now it said ”you have home only” when troubleshooting. I am going to buy a cheap activation key I guess..

  4. Yes, this exactly thing happened to me as well. It just came out of nowhere; been using Windows 10 since they offered the free upgrade. It was a Windows 8.1 Pro to a Windows 10 Pro update. It stayed activated like that since then, update through update. Now this October update brought a lot of issues and errors. This “We know your Windows has always been PRO since day 1, but your license is for Windows Home only” bs included.

  5. Yeah, it fixed itself. I jumped the gun and bought a License Key -_- and it didnt work, it only works for a fresh install of Windows. Oh well… I have a license for when needed…

  6. So yeah it’s a common problem, or was. Fixed itself for me…. this annoying issue that happened in the last couple of days

  7. This did not help because my Windows 10 does not have the “Go back to previous version of Windows 10” option. This is why Windows should be free like macOS. These bad updates just keep creating problem for users.

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