How to rollback & uninstall Windows 10 May 2019 Update v1903

If after installing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update v1903 you are facing problems and issues with it, you can uninstall it and go back or rollback to the previous Windows version. Most of you may be familiar with the instructions, but for those of you who are not, this post will help you uninstall the latest Windows 10 Feature Update from your PC.

Uninstall Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Uninstall Windows 10 October 2018 Update

To uninstall this Feature Update, you will have to open the Start Menu. Next, click on the Settings link.

Having opened the Settings panel, click on Update and security and here select Recovery settings.

Next click on the Get started button under Go back to an earlier build section.

The process will start, and you will be asked some questions for information purposes, as to why you are going back to the previous build of Windows 10.

The options are:

  • My apps or devices don’t work on this build
  • Earlier builds seemed easier to use
  • Earlier builds seemed faster
  • Earlier builds seemed more reliable
  • For another reason – Tell them more.

uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Do the needful and click Next to move on. If you wish, you have a chance to Cancel now.

You have to remember that when you go back, you will lose the settings changes or the apps you may have installed after you upgraded to the current build.

Windows 10 will offer to check for updates. Maybe some new fixes have been released!

rollback Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Remember to note down your password or login credentials as you will be required to enter them after the process is completed.

Click on Next, and you will be thanked for trying out this build.

Once you are completely sure click on the Go back to earlier build button and the upgrade process will start.

Just to be on the safe side, you may want to also back up your data before you begin.

Once you have done this, you may want to defer installing Windows Updates on your Windows 10.

Related tip: How to extend or increase the Rollback time period to uninstall a Windows 10 upgrade.

All the best!

Post updated for Windows 10 May 2019 Update v1903.

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  1. dslabby

    My computer was the onlyone of four at my house to have problems. My computer is crippled because exploer.exe and most of the desktop are non functional. I can get to task manager but it is limitied in what it sees and does also. I cant get to the option to roll back the update as no window will open. Is there a direct commander to start the roll back? I am hosed here and may have to restore from backup to get back running. This is not how a good upgrade should go.

  2. ?? ??

    Did you find a way to do this? I’m having the same issue

  3. LordFarce

    My laptop is not showing me that option

  4. Millsy

    I tried to go back to the earlier build but when it went to do the rollback I think it reset itself then couldn’t load windows, wanting me to choose recovery options such as start with safe mode, safe mode + networking, non of which work. I am going to have to track down my windows 8 I think disk (think I did the win10 download update) really hoping I have a windows 10 disk otherwise I have lost a lot of data and programs ?

  5. David S.

    Did not work for me. After updating to creators update I used it for several hours and did not like it. Went to recovery to go back to previous version but the button was grayed out, giving the ‘more than 10 days ago’ and it had only been hours. While using computer I found some problems that I cannot find fixes for online. Hope microsoft will fix them soon with an update.

  6. Gary Deezy

    Thanks for this. The new “Creators” version of Win10 was forced upon my laptop, then the touchscreen drivers stopped working. Pooh….

  7. Pedro

    Had to rollback. All games on windows 10 with this turd of an update get constant stuttering and random fps drops. As it is, I get 60 fps with csgo and other games on linux, and an average 30-20fps on windows, sometimes dropping to 7-13. Disabling game mode on windows 10 did nothing nor disabling full-screen optimizations. Cant understand how a company that makes millions cannot get a rolling operating system to work properly and test it properly before deploying the damn thing out in the wild. Pathetic, honestly.

    The option to rollback was not even present.
    I had to download a previous build and install it manually through an usb drive. Since the media creation tool is forcing the install windows 10 with creators update. So yeah…

  8. Windows 10 Creator update killed my work VPN connection. Hopefully, the rollback (in process right now) will get it working again.

  9. martin

    windows 10 update last night removed my outlook personnel file and I have lost years of old e-mails I now have to spend hours restoring old archives. The update creates a windows old but does not move the .pst just gets ride of it.

  10. Dylan Burger

    Ok, so how the hell am I going to do that if neither my keyboard or mouse work after this update?

  11. Pakmine Pages

    After the windows creator update, my computer restarted and know it showing a dark screen with the mouse pointer showing… I want to uninstall the update to be able to use my computer how do I do that. thank you

  12. Alan Jeffries

    Only problem I have had is with Bluetooth on the new update on my Lenovo pc it will not connect to my Bluetooth devices I can use my mouse with it’s unifieing device no problems other than that so far

  13. ghost

    windows installed the update i didnt like it, mobile hotspot would not stay on despite all the settings i changed third party apps had no internet access i gave up, rolled it back to previous version but after going back windows automatically reinstalled the update in the same process before i could get back in and disable windows update. tried again but disable windows update from services first this time it tried to install update again only to crap out at 99% complete and uninstalled the update yeah got my system back no loss of data or apps, but i forgot to turn off windows update in services so in the middle of a movie windows decides to restart and install the update again grrr. did what i did before and it again crapped out at 99% complete and uninstalled itself so i got my pc back, this time i disabled the update service as soon as i logged in and killed all processes related to it, so far so good hasn’t tried to install the update again fingers crossed.

  14. SmartAleq

    Okay–so Microsoft has pushed this garbage Creators Update on me three times now. Every time I roll it back literally minutes after it installs because it BREAKS EVERYTHING. Then a couple weeks later it’s back like a flushed turd bobbing back into the bowl. I’ve resorted to uninstalling the Windows Update Assistant every time it tries to download this shitbird update but I’m getting super tired of having to disconnect my laptop from wifi every time I set it down to keep the update from downloading AGAIN. How in hell do I stop this thing from coming back?

  15. Xplo1tR

    Do you read? If neither his mouse or keyboard work it would be rather impossible to do anything other than turn the computer on or off.

  16. You will need to create and use an installation media.

  17. Paul Reed

    Graphics card reset to a dodgy resolution. Tried everything with the graphics card before giving up and rolling back. Roll back worked a treat.

  18. Eric D Dobbs

    This broke my machine. I did a rollback, but it still insists on doing it. Every time they do this, I have a problem. Never again!!!

  19. Christina Rutledge

    My laptop is not showing me that option

  20. Windows removes this option after a while….

  21. Christina Rutledge

    Does this mean I can’t un install this version of Windows 10 ?

  22. Pete Stasney

    Yes, this option is not available to me now either. And I’m stuck with a maximum 1400 x 1050 screen resolution that I cannot fix, losing my 1920 x 1080 I had previously before this creators update. I cannot delete the display drivers and replace at all, that is grayed out. This is terrific of Microsoft, way to go. The engineers and programmers should have vetted this far more before releasing it.

  23. The Rollback option was earlier available for 30 days. Then Microsoft reduced it to, I think 15 days. There is no way to rollback now unless you had done this

  24. I agree – Or Microsoft should have let the Rollback option stay for the original 30 days time.

  25. White Elk Clearwater

    It’s no surprise that Microsoft & the nerve destroying disease Multiple Sclerosis have the very same initials – MS !

    This is the 2nd time a Win 10 upgrade damaged my computer programs & I see it’s NOT ONLY me. I never had such problems with Win 7.
    I think it’s high time an international class action suit was put together against Microsoft to
    [a] stop making its deals with manufacturers to make it impossible to use Win7 on new computers
    [b] compensate Win 10 users for the down time & any techie fees expended on fixing the messed up computers from their debacle program

  26. Jarek

    Same happened to me here. Since yesterday my surfacepro book is useless. Allegedly this new update is messing up with battery manager as well – great idea folks.
    Now once you have your windows surface books completely off power you will have to start calling our centres and we make some nice bucks here. So now I have several 18 hundred pounds worth of plastic and aluminium as batteries won’t charge and screen is attached to keyboard. I have lost few megabytes of data which I normally save on external drive at the end of working day. This is second time it happened !!!! and I’m sure I won’t buy any Microsoft products in my life. As you say it’s a bloody joke that multibillion company can’t release system updates without crash and damages on the way. I refuse to believe in conspiracy theories but can’t escape this feeling it was a planned disaster. Company has not released anything meaningful in last year. so what about getting stealing some money from clients (before Xmas) through call centres ?

  27. White Elk Clearwater

    Actually it’s also with Intel that the deals are made. The newest Intel CPU’s & many SSD drives in new computers are hardwired to only accept Win10. You have no choice to use Win7.
    About 2 maybe 3 years ago I bought an expensive high quality laptop with Intel core i7 that was sold with Win 10 & an option to “downgrade” to Win7. After having used Win10 on another computer I took that option & was happy I did.
    BUT when a virus damaged the WIn7 my technician spent literally hours to try to get the computer to accept a repair or or reinstall of 7. It was impossible to do. It would only accept an install of 10! He looked into the SSD & chipset, & discovered that it was designed to do so.
    I recently looked into a new laptop & was told by the dealers that many Intel CPU’s today are hardwired to refuse to accept any OS other than Win10!

  28. Richardson Dos Santos Neves

    My Windows 10 home can´t complete upgrade to Fall Creator, then some pieces doesn´t works, for sample my WiFi stops download above 2.7Mbps.
    I need remove ALL PARTS of this trash update files.

  29. BreitBarticus

    Your technician is lying to you. The only significant difference with regard to installation is that windows 10 uses a GPT partition (similar to a MAC) instead of MBR.

    There are many Linux distributions if you have reached the end of the road with Microsoft products.

  30. White Elk Clearwater

    He had no reason to lie to me. he tried hard to do it. Maybe he didn’t know what you know re GPT vs MBR partitions, or the “tools” he has couldn’t deal with it & that’s why he failed & why he saw what he saw.
    So how can I or he find in GPT a way to get my Win7 back on?

    I looked into Linux mint etc but unfortunately some of my most important programs are not built for linux & I’m not sure how they would work via “WINE” on top of Linux.

  31. White Elk Clearwater

    The part about the new CPU’s/chipsets being produced WIN 10 capable only I was told by a dealer

  32. Vincent Ganachaud

    Did you tried Game Mode On ?
    even if i think it is a bad feature (Pressing Win key + G)

  33. David Talmadge

    My computer faced several (11) blue screens of death for ~15 minutes of being on. I reverted my version back to an older one, but windows decided to update the computer 2 hours after every time I reset it. It is really pissing me off.

  34. guest

    I had to roll back, but I’m still getting this update in the list, so I suspect the actual download files are cached somewhere on my system. How do I remove it from the list, which, annoyingly, is now like 20 items deep with the reminder for this update, and remove it permanently?

  35. Raiden Kaiser

    well im screwed did a clean install

  36. Sweet B-rox Sunrise

    The windows button doesn’t even work now. I can right click and it will bring up options but I can’t get into it to see all of my apps.
    It did fix my wireless mouse problem though.
    Also there was no option to roll back. It just removed installed files and reinstalled the same update.

  37. Eddie Meltzer

    There is no “go back to previous…” option in windows!
    What is wrong with y people???

  38. That’s strange. I see it on my PC which I updated yesterday to Windows 10 v1809.

  39. Eddie Meltzer

    My bad,and im sorry for railing on y.I have no valid excuse,i was an a-hole.

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