Where are Favorites stored in Edge browser on Windows 10

We have seen how to import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge from other browsers. In this post, we will see the location of Favorites or Bookmarks folder in Microsoft Edge, which will, in turn, help us manage the Favorites easily.

In Edge and Internet Explorer saved web links are called “Favorites”. In Firefox or Chrome, they’re called “Bookmarks” – but basically, they mean the same thing.

UPDATE: Things keep changing in Windows 10! Now after the November Update, Edge does not use a folder structure to store Favorites. It now uses an Extensible Storage Engine Database.

Where are Favorites stored in Edge

Where are Favorites stored in Edge

Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following path:


Better still, simply copy-paste the path in Explorer address field and hit Enter.  The folder will open. Remember to replace username with your own.

Manage Bookmarks or Favorites in Edge

In the above folder, click on the Favorites folder to open it.

manage bookmarks edge

While you can always rename or remove Favorites via Edge UI settings, carrying out drag-and-drop operations, etc. here, will make managing favorites in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 much easier.

Backup & Restore Edge favorites

To backup, your favorites in Edge browser, simply copy-paste this Favorites folder to a safe location. To restore favorites, copy-paste your Favorites folder back in this location.

Bonus Tip

Where is Download History stored in Edge?


The Download History folder in Edge browser is stored in the following location:


Remember to replace username with your own.

Incidentally, if you need to tweak Edge settings, you can do it as follows. You will find three dots, called Ellipses on the top right of Edge. You click on the Ellipses to open the More actions menu that contains options to tweak Microsoft Edge. You have to click on Settings to reach the main settings. Advanced options are also to be found in a separate menu when you click on the option saying Advanced Options. Using these, you can tweak Edge to suit your requirements.

ManageEdge lets you import, export, sort, move and rename Microsoft Edge browser favorites & bookmarks a breeze on your Windows 10 PC.

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