WhatsApp Web on Microsoft Edge vs WhosDown app: Which one to use?

WhatsApp Web is one of the key features of WhatsApp, the popular mobile app that has taken the world by storm. At first, it only worked for selected web browsers, but now Microsoft Edge has entered the party. There have been several reports that claim WhatsApp now works on Microsoft Edge after the latest update. We didn’t give it much thought because it was not officially reported by Microsoft or the WhatsApp team. However, we dove right in and came out excited.

whatsapp web

Yes, WhatsApp Web works wonderfully in Microsoft Edge, and everything is up and running as expected. There’s nothing different when compared to other web browsers, and that is something we can all stand behind.

Recently, an unofficial version of WhatsApp was added to the Windows Store. The app is called WhosDown, and it is basically a wrapper for WhatsApp Web than anything else. You know what? We’re going to review this app to see how well it works, so keep an eye out for that.

As for the official WhatsApp Web service that runs through Microsoft Edge, let’s talk about how to make it work for you.

WhatsApp Web on Edge browser

First, you’ll need to have WhatsApp on your mobile phone. It can be an iPhone, Android smartphone, or a Windows 10 Mobile device. Next up, visit web.whatsapp.com from Microsoft Edge, then revert to your smartphone quickly.

Open WhatsApp then go to the Menu or Settings area, then tap your finger on WhatsApp Web. Your phone’s camera app should be in play now, so just aim it at the QR Code on your computer and in less than 3 seconds, WhatsApp Web should be up and running in Microsoft Edge.

For those who are unaware, WhatsApp Web is running directly from your smartphone over the network. Anything done on the smartphone will be shown on the desktop, and anything done on the desktop will be shown on mobile. We should also point out that if the connection is lost via the smartphone, then WhatsApp Web will no longer work.

WhosDown app is a wrapper for WhatsApp Web

What about WhosDown, should it be considered as a viable alternative to using WhatsApp Web through Microsoft Edge? Let’s take a look.

After downloading and launching the app from the Windows Store, users should see the standard WhatsApp Web QR code and the instructions below for each supported operating system. The main difference here is the settings and hamburger button icons on the left-pane. Clicking the Settings icon will give users the ability to turn off or turn on Notifications.

Once we scanned the QR code and got ourselves inside the app, well, we have yet to see any difference when compared to WhatsApp Web through the web browser. Everything looks the same, works the same, and just feels the same.

The only differentiator is how easy it is to turn off notifications because the button is right there in the line of view. And also the fact that when a message comes in, users will see a generic notification instead of one that tells who sent the message. We’d prefer to know who sent a message in order to decide whether or not to read it.

Should you use WhosDown over WhatsApp Web through Microsoft Edge?

Well, after using both, we have to say it is difficult to choose one over the other. However, we have to point out that Microsoft Edge as a web browser is still lacking, so until it gets better, WhosDown is a real alternative. Furthermore, WhosDown is just a simple app, and as such, it takes up less resources than Microsoft Edge.

We should also point out that Edge is prone to crashing out of nowhere when loading a heavy website or when there are too many opened tabs. WhosDown is just bringing WhatsApp Web to the forefront, so it has nothing else to bog it down.

All-in-all, the decision is up to you guys, choose wisely and get your WhatsApp Web madness on.

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