Robocopy in Windows 10 & Microsoft Robocopy GUI

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  1. Hallo, very interesting dude. My question is how I get to recover the folders or directories original creation date when a domestic backup is already performed in different ( external o internal ) harddrive disks ? Can I do this with robocopy ? I have this problem with six harddrive disks with crossed info and thousands of several folders since sixteen years ago at least. I have lost the clue when I made my security backups, because windows changed the date to every folders and now almost the entire copies have the same date. The date when the copies it was performed.

    Thank you for your help and info.

  2. Can i use this tool to copy a folder on my local machine so i can get it over to my Remote Desktop machine??
    the file is over 2GB.
    Thanks for good answer.

  3. i have w7 need to copy maps, but i want to keep the same date of map when it was created ?
    is this possible ? please help,

  4. Not being able to suppress this annoying AF popup in explorer drag&drop is more proof that Microsoft is still slipping when it comes to usability. For christs sake, you bypass the prompt everywhere except in your own most common workflow. It’s like you’re trynig to send people a message….move to NTFS? Is that some sort of joke? that ship sailed a bazillion years ago.

  5. Robocopy lacks GUI and it feels like hacking something, it didn’t find any satisfactory results. It all gets stuck at some point or another when copying huge files, one software which I found interesting and would recommend to anyone is GS RichCopy. Its been 2 years using this and till now no complaints whatsoever. Some of its extra features include NTFS support, multi threaded file transfer, and many more. Its worth the money. Hope it helped you all!

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