Using Google Earth on Chrome browser

Since my childhood, Google Earth has always been there to fulfill my urge to go around the world. It has been a wonderful experience using it. You can not just only learn about new places but also see them visually using the improved 3D and Street Views. Not just that, professionals have been using Google Earth for monitoring areas such as forests and other properties. Google Earth was changed entirely and updated to work directly with Google Chrome. The new Google Earth came with never seen before features and refinement levels were just outstanding.

Using Google Earth on Chrome browser


Google Earth on Chrome browser

The latest Google Earth is powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph. Which means searching a place will give you a lot more information about it. For example, I searched for Empire State Building in New York City, and I got a lot of interesting facts and details about it. Knowledge Graph will aggregate information about your search term and will bring out the most useful information. Also, it can show you similar search terms and give you contact information if you are searching for a business. Moreover, now you can ask simple questions to Google Earth, based on which it will take you to that location and show you its Knowledge Card.

Search works great, and Earth now also comes with I’m Feeling Lucky button. Hit this button if you are looking for some adventure and are open to exploring some new places. I’m Feeling Lucky will decide a random but interesting destination that you can explore using Google Earth.

3D View

Another addition to Google Earth was the 3D View. Rather than viewing flat images from the top, you can switch to 3D View for a more immersive experience. The detailing is just great, and you can take beautiful 3D shots with it. Moreover, you can adjust your view by positioning yourself horizontally and vertically. To position yourself in the 3D View you need to press Shift and then use the mouse to adjust your viewing angle. Other controls are almost same, scroll for zooming in and use the mouse to navigate around. 3D View is just amazing; you can view beautiful skylines, explore the monuments from a better angle and a lot more. This feature might not work for some places yet.


As the name suggests, Voyager is here to take you on beautiful voyages across the world. Created by different professional organizations, Voyages are a virtual tour to a location. This is a very interactive way to learn about new places and visit them virtually. You can visit forest reserves, space centers, beautiful cities and a lot more destinations. Voyages have been neatly categorized, and you can easily pick one based on your interest. Or you can always go for Editor’s Picks, and it will never disappoint you.


You can share your exact Google Earth View with someone easily using the sharing options. It will generate a link, clicking on which the user will be taken to the exact view that was there while generating the link.

Google Earth Pro for Desktop

If you are wondering, what happened to Google Earth for the desktop, then you might be happy to know that it is still here. And now it also comes with advanced tools that can be used by professionals to compute distances, make measurements, visualize and export GIS data and go back in history by historical images recorded by Google Earth. It is free and also comes with support documentation if you want to learn more about Google Earth and how to use the advanced tools and features.

Click here to download Google Earth Pro for Desktop. Click here to open Google Earth in Chrome.

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