10 lesser known but useful Google Search tricks you want to know

Google Search is used by most of us, but not every one of us knows that Google can be used for more than carrying out just searches. Google has been bringing up some interesting Google fun search tricks to keep the user entertained. Apart from these fun tricks, there are many useful tricks you may want to know.  With just a few extra keystrokes on the search bar, we can actually get more refined searches and other cool stuff. I am sure even an avid Googler might not know every Google search trick.

Useful Google Search tricks

Check out the list of 10 lesser known Google search tips and tricks-

  1. Set a timergoogle search tricks 1

Do you want to complete a task in a certain time frame? Don’t worry; you can set a timer in Google. Just type “Set timer” followed by the time span you want. For example, if you want to set a timer for half an hour, type “ Set timer 30 minutes” in the Google search bar. A clock will automatically start ticking, and an alarm will let you know when the time is finished. Furthermore, the Google stopwatch is customizable which includes the options like- ‘reset’, ‘stop’ and ‘audio feature’.

  1. Calculate the Dinner Tipgoogle search tricks 2

If you are in a situation when you are having dinner in a posh restaurant and you don’t know what tip you should leave on the table after dinner, don’t worry; use Google tip calculator. Just type “tip calculator” in Google search bar. Next, you have to type in your bill, and the number of persons. Google tip calculator will give you a final amount of tip to be left on the table after dinner.

  1. Exact Sunrise and Sunset timingsgoogle search tricks 3

I never knew it was that easy to know the exact sunset and sunrise timings from Google. Just type “sunrise” followed by your country in Google search bar and Google will tell you the exact timings.

  1. Search within a websitegoogle search tricks 10

Google helps you searching for a particular thing in a website. Just type “site:” followed by the URL of the website you’d like to search and add your search terms.

  1. Definition of a particular wordgoogle search tricks 4

Synonyms not helps always, if you are looking for a definition of a particular word, just type “Define: ” followed by the word and Google will show you the perfect definition, synonyms, origin of the word and also a translation option. The search results also gives you the correct pronunciation of the word.

  1. Do Mathsgoogle search tricks 5

Google search tricks help you doing the metric conversions  and other calculations online. To be specific you can use the Google search box as your scientific and mathematics calculator.

  1. Find weather conditions of any particular city worldwidegoogle search tricks 6

To check the current weather conditions in any particular city, just type “ weather” followed by the city name. For example; if you want to check the weather conditions in Toronto, type Weather Toronto in the Google search bar.

  1. Search by file typegoogle search tricks 7

Google search bar helps searching for specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, or XLS. Just type “filetype” followed by the file type.

  1. Use it as a health guidegoogle search tricks 8

If you are confused about what to eat and what not to, start using Google as your health guide. Using the correct Google search tricks will give you complete details like amount of calories, and all other details like amount of total fat, cholesterol etc.. For example if you are confused among the calorie details of ice cream and a milk shake, just type “Ice cream Vs. milk shake”.

10. Find songs of your favorite artistsgoogle search tricks 9

Just type “Songs by” followed by your favorite artist’s name and Google will bring up the extensive list of all songs sung by that particular artist. Just click on any song and it will take you to its YouTube link.

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Let us know, if you know of any more such tricks!

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  1. Myothernamesagoodone

    Ah, this is obviously some new and exotic use of the word ‘useful’ that I have not previously encountered. Have we really reached the point in our existence where nobody can work out 15% of a decimal currency amount in their heads (or at the very least with a bit of scribble on a napkin)?

  2. Bobby Phoenix

    How do you get that bar in your search results to show the popularity of the site? Is it an extension?

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