Best Gmail Search Tips and Tricks that let you find emails quickly and accurately

Gmail is one of the best email clients available. We receive a lot of emails every day, and it would be really cumbersome if we want to find a particular email. The best thing which we do is, we star and manage emails using labels. But, even that is not enough to find a particular email, if the count is too high. Just as we have some Google Search tips, we have Gmail Search tips that can help us quickly find emails quickly and accurately. Let us take a look at the more useful ones.

Gmail Search Tips and Tricks

You need to know the search tips to find the particular email in Gmail. In this article, I will let you know 5 best advanced Gmail search tips which you can use right away. Let us get started!

1. from: and to:

Gmail Search Tips and Tricks

Gmail does not provide a feature to sort emails based on sender and receiver emails. But do not worry as we have a search operator for this. Use ‘from:’ to find emails from a specific sender and use ‘to:’ to find emails sent to particular email address.

2. filename:

gmail search tips using filename

In order to fetch emails based on file type of attachments, then use ‘filename:’ operator. Not only based on file type, you can even search by name of the attachment. If you use ‘filename: doc’, it fetches you all emails which have ‘.doc’ attachments and specify file name like ‘filename: resume.docx’ to fetch emails which have ‘resume.docx’ as an attachment.

3. in:

gmail search tips using in operator

As we discussed in the beginning, Gmail allows us to manage emails in labels which act as folders. So, we can even search for emails in specific labels using ‘in:’ operator. So, specify label name along with ‘in: ‘operator followed by the text which you want to search for. If you want to search in all labels except from spam and trash, then you can use “in:anywhere.

4. after: and before:

after and before operator in Gmail

Find emails within a time frame using ‘after:’ and ‘before:’ search operator. This is one the best and complicated Gmail search filter to use but does a lot of work for us. You can use each operator individually but use them together to fetch emails within specific time frame.

search emails within timestamp in Gmail

Apart from just fetching emails between dates, there is also a way to search emails by specifying a particular timestamp. We need to convert date and time to Epoch time and we use that timestamp along with ‘after’ and before ‘operator’.

5. Filter Starred Emails

search starred emails in Gmail

It can be said to be an advanced query rather than advanced search. It is unique among mentioned Gmail search tips as it helps us to search emails based on a specific star. If you star emails and want to find the email with specific star, then you can use ‘has:’ operator.

These are some of the tips you can use to search Gmail emails. You can use this operator individually or all of them at once to confine your search for a specific email. You can experiment with advanced Gmail search operators by clicking on the down arrow available on the search bar at the top in your Gmail.

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