Best hidden Gmail Tricks and Tips you should know

Gmail is amongst the popular email service used by many. Today, we will see some of the best Gmail tricks & secrets you want to know. These cool tips let you add different stars, get new mails notifications on your Windows desktop and more using Gmail Settings.

Google provides us many tools which can be integrated and synchronized with Gmail; we can manage many things online easily. To access any of the Google product, just a Gmail ID is required. So, I thought of sharing a few Gmail tricks with you, so that it becomes handy to use Gmail efficiently and increase your productivity.

Gmail Tricks & Tips

Many of are aware of few Gmail tricks and there are even more which makes our life with Gmail even easier. Let us look at those few Gmail hidden tricks.

Set the Priority Inbox

We already know that we can view only Starred emails or only unread emails. But, you can even divide your inbox into sections such that Unread emails, Starred emails and the rest of the emails appear in different sections. This would be easy for you, to concentrate of unread emails and starred emails which are important.

Just head over to Settings and click on the Inbox section. Select Priority Inbox from the “Inbox type dropdown. Then divide the sections as Unread, Starred and rest of the emails and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Priority Inbox in Gmail

After setting the Priority Inbox, your inbox looks like this in different sections.

Priority Inbox Set

Personal Level Indicators

We receive many emails. Not all mail is addressed only to us. Some messages are sent only to you, and some messages might be sent to the whole mailing list. It can become a waste of time, looking at every mail. So, concentrating and spending time only on emails or message sent only to us saves us a lot of time.

You can specify indicators beside emails you receive to know whether that mail was sent only to you or to the entire mail list. Indicator “>>” specifies that mail was sent only to you and the indicator “>” specifies that mail was sent to the list of member and not only to you.

Head over to Settings and in “General” tab scroll down till you find “Personal level indicator”. Select the drop-down “Show Indicators” and click on “Save Changes” button.

Personal level indicators settings

Now, you will get to know whether the mail was sent only to you or to a group of members.

Personal Level Indicators Mail

Desktop Notifications

You can receive desktop notifications whenever you receive a new mail. Head over to Settings and scroll down to find Desktop Notifications. Select the radio button as you want.

If you want to receive desktop notifications for every new mail you receive, then select “New mail notifications on” and if you want to receive desktop notifications only for new important mail received and not for all new emails, then select “Important mail notifications on” and click on “Save Changes” button.

Desktop Notifications Settings

From now on, you will receive desktop notifications for new mail or new important mail you received based on the selected option.

Desktop Notification Mail

Access Different Types of Stars

We normally add a star to specific emails. Usually, we add the yellow colored star, since many do not know that there are many more variety of stars to add to an email. Head over to Settings and scroll down till you find “Stars”. In that section, you can see options like 1 Star, 4 Stars, and All Stars.

Click on 4 Stars or All Stars and it shows the available symbols. You can even drag the stars as you want. Select the category you want as 4 Stars or All Stars and click on “Save Changes” button.

Set Stars in Gmail

Now, click on the star mark beside the mail. It shows you one-star symbol and clicks again to get the different star symbol. Keep on clicking the star symbol and you see that symbols keep on changing. Here are the different star symbols I used in my Gmail inbox. It looks colorful, doesn’t it?

Stars in Mail

Delete Unwanted Mail Automatically

We know that we can filter out emails in Gmail based on email address. Now, we will use the same techniques, to get rid of unwanted emails. When you no longer want to receive emails from specific organization or website, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list. But, sometimes, you are still not able to stop receiving emails from such sources!

Select the mail which you do not want to receive any more and click on “More” button. Select “Filter messages like these”.

Filter Messages Option

The Filter box opens up. Specify the criteria of for the mail you want to automatically delete. In this case, I just need to automatically delete all emails from particular email address irrespective of other options.

So, I mentioned only the From email address and click on “Create filter with this search” link.

Specify the search criteria

Now, you need to select the options to automatically delete emails from the particular sender. Check the options “Skip the Inbox”, “Delete it” and click on “Create filter” button. That’s it! From now on, emails received from that particular email address will be automatically deleted.

Create Filter_Automatically delete mails

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