Gmail Sign In: How to securely login to Gmail

Gmail is one of the popular email service providers apart from Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. Here are a few tips that will help you sign up for and create a Google account and show you how to sign in or log in to Gmail securely.

Gmail Sign up

To sign up for and create a new Gmail account visit Click on Create an account.

Fill the required details, accept the terms and click on the Create my account. Creating a new Google Account will give you access to Gmail and all other Google services.

Gmail Login

There are two ways to log in to the Gmail account. One is via the web interface and the other via a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

You can use the mail-forwarding feature in the Setting by clicking on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and configure it.

Recover Gmail password and username

While logging in, if you find that you have forgotten your username go here; if you forget your password, go here to recover them.

Gmail multiple account login

You can sign in more than one Gmail accounts at the same time. You can read more on that here at TWC.

Are you looking for a desktop application to stay in touch with you multiple Gmail accounts?

Try GmailNotifier to keep a check on multiple Gmail accounts.

You can also check out Gmail for Windows and Gmail Notifier by Codeplex for Windows.

Gmail Sign in Security tips

It goes without saying that since your email account contains a lot of important mail, personal data, sensitive business information, etc., it is therefore imperative that you do not take your Gmail Sign In process casually.

First of all, use a strong password. Do learn what is considered a strong password and how to generate strong passwords.

You should also check out this Gmail Security Checklist.

It is recommended that you opt-in to the advanced security feature called 2-step verification that makes your Google Account significantly more secure by helping to verify that you’re the real owner of your account.

You will see it under Account Overview > Security > Using 2-step verification.

Last but not the least – it is a good idea to use the preferred URL for logging in to your Gmail account viz.

Stay safe!

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  1. Nice bro andy 😉
    also adding gmail account in windows live mail with 2-step verification enabled..
    I think this may help others too;

  2. Tomgazitano

    All I want to do is to Sign In to my already existing gmail account, and all you are letting me do is get to the Sign UP for New gmail account page !!!!!

  3. Please read the full article.

  4. Tlizard

    why cant i log into my gmail account?

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    How do I log on to my gmail.??? Don’t want a new one.

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    I hate.because I can not open my email

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    i can’t log on to my email and it’s pissing me off!!

  12. Goodman Christi

    thank you and i echo your sentiments!!!!!!! Why do things have to be so complicated. Cant we just have a screen that takes you right to the log in page put in your name and password and there it isA???

  13. David Bradshaw

    cannot log in to my gmail account going round in circles

  14. Celinefinn56

    i just want to read e mails not get all this crap

  15. Contactmarielle

    have limited time to take care of computer and email stuff and this is not acceptable that I am not available even for emergency contacts at this time. Are you presuming that everyone has ample time to get higher techy and even wats to or is able? I am not very computer techy and I cannot log into my email account. This may have to be checked to see if this is a scam? Is this a scam? Please remove this block or it will be reported. I tried 3 times ad got the same geek inro, blocking my email. Not funny, and not very professional. Remove the block please.

  16. Amanda

    I want my Gmail account stopped I can’t even get into my account now that this change has been made. I have been sitting here for an hour tring to log on I am pissed and I want to stop my account now. I hope that gmail understands how many peolpe have turned away from them and decided to go to another source.


    BULLSHIT!!!!I CANT CHECK MY ACCOUNT!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nihalfernando4

    What a nuisance is this. You bloody well get out of my way. I don’t want your damn new account. My exsisting account is ok with me. Who the hell are you to force me to get into a new account. For god sake let me use my account as it is or I will abolish my g mail account.

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    GMail has become crap… Can”t get my mail… Should have used yahoo!

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  22. Agnes Rivera

    I have the same problem. Why is Gmail so complicated? I switched to Yahoo (thank God!) but still want to sign in to my old Gmail account from time to time to see if I have any emails. It doesn’t let me sign in just open a new account. I’ve had it with Gmail.

  23. Agnes Rivera

    I already opened a Yahoo account. Gmail has become impossible.

  24. Agnes Rivera

    I DID read the full article. Excuse me for not being a computer GEEK and wanting things simple. Still don’t understand how to log in to the Gmail account that I’ve had for years.

  25. cJoey08

    Know EXACTLY what u mean!!! Locked out of Yahoo & Gmail > SIX WEEKS! Were recovery accts 4 each other!Wrote SEVERAL scathing “eval’s” 4 gmail when asked 4 MY opinion. FINALLY able 2 access acct’s.Time wasted + data usage=TOO MUCH: STRESS, FRUSTRATION, et al. WARNED ALL I KNOW—DON’T GET SUCKED INTO THE VORTEX OF 2-STEP VERIFICATION!

  26. Judith Natt

    I am in complete agreement with you. It used to be when the gmail account was so easy to use. I logged in automatically at every time unless I wanted to change my password which was equally easy to accomplish. Google suddenly realized that we need a change. I certainly did not need it. I am now unable to enter my gmail account or has to use login every time I need to look at my mail. It is very elaborate to enter it under Internet Explorer but impossible under Firefox.
    I am seriously considering to leave gmail. Formerly I used to recommend it to all my acquaintances. Not anymore. I am going over to yahoo mail. (formerly).

  27. Roberto Gil

    I would really recommend on enabling the 2-step
    Authentication feature that Gmail is offering to protect your gmail login.

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    Funny, but I just now had no trouble at all signing in to my gmail account. Maybe if you have a Google+ account it helps?

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    I am having the same difficulty, why can’t I get into the login for my existing gmail??? it doesn’t answer our question, did you find a solution?

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    I’m also having this problem. Gmail works for me on my macintosh (I don’t even need to give the name or password), but I can’t sign in to my account on a windows machine; like others have said, it will only let me try to start a new account. I don’t want to have two gmail accounts.

  33. shaukat saeed khan

    it used to be very simple to access my in box mail,but for the last three days I have wasted lot of time and found myself unable to open it.I already have a Gmail account.Kindly make the procedure simplified as it was in existence few days ago. SHAUKAT SAEED KHAN

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