Twitter Login and Sign in Help


  1. I getting really ticked off with this Twitter . I am trying to log in and I keep getting locked out.

  2. if twitter is one time sign in but in between it create many problem or some time it dosnt sign in

  3. My email has changed did not ask to change password so pissed locked out cannot change because I no longer have that email account

  4. I would like to add my photo to my twitter profile ? Edit doesn’t seem to allow a change from the EGG pic ?

  5. I have been trying to make a new account on twitter and I keep getting a message graphic saying something is technically wrong, thanks for noticing, we are fixing the problem and it will be done shortly (or something to that effect)… any ideas what I can do to fix this? This has been going on for 9 days now and I can’t find an answer anywhere.

  6. Funny thing that happened to me today is… I signed up for my very first Twitter account and immediately after i checked the sign up button I got a message saying i was locked out of the account. I sure don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s very strange!! Getting locked out b4 even using my 1st Twitter profile. What a turn off for me! I’ll stick with Instagram!

  7. Anything that i wish to post in regards to info on the Pharma Druggsters , Twitter will not let me post ! Anyone else having this challenge ? I think it,s time to say to Twitter , ” Go Fucketh Thou Self , I have had enough of ur Censorship “

  8. i have a friend with a very controversial book which Hollywood borrowed ideas from, creating some of the biggest hits Hollywood ever had, and guess what, he can’t sign up for a Twitter account. I had to see him trying, but no matter what he did, error message popped up. So you’re right, censorship is going on in very sneaky ways the public isn’t aware of.

  9. My Twitter is being hacked in on. I got PERMA overlay stuff written out on a spread sheet. Loads of stuff I did n’t understand. I saw my name WHICH SAID REAL. I also saw the woed RAMADAM . I am CERTAINLY NOT MUSLIM.. Why is this ??

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