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Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, and it is usually a breeze signing in to it. But there maybe a time when you could be facing signing in or logging in problems. We have seen some Facebook Sign in tips, now this article will give you a few help tips on how to sign up for Twitter and some help tips if you are facing problems in logging in to Twitter,

Twitter Sign Up

Signing up for a free Twitter account is pretty simple. Visit You will see text fields where you can choose and enter Full name. This will be your Twitter handle. Enter a valid email address and enter your password. having done that, click on the Sign up.

You will receive an email notification, which will be quite self-explanatory. Simply follow the steps to complete your Twitter sign up. Once done, you can visit again and enter your Username and password and click on the Sign in button to log in to your Twitter account.

As I mentioned, you may at some point face problems sign in to Twitter. These tips should hopefully help resolve your issues.

Twitter Login and Sign in problems help

Most sign in issues occur when you use the wrong password, and these can be easily fixed by resetting your password.

To reset your Twitter password, visit the password reset page and enter your email address or Twitter username in the space provided. Enter the Captcha and click Next / Send instructions.

Check your email inbox for further instructions.

If it does not work, you can submit a support ticket from this page by selecting the “Yes, but it didn’t work” button.

It is always a good idea to associate your mobile number to your Twitter account. If you should ever lose access to you email account, you can receive a SMS (text message) password reset code. To connect you mobile number to your Twitter account, go here.

To receive an SMS password reset, go here and select the Phone reset option.

Twitter will text you a 6 digit code that is valid for 15 minutes. Enter this code on the web. You will then be able to change your password.

It is always a good idea to enable HTTPS Login in Twitter.

Locked out of Twitter

If you try to log in to Twitter unsuccessfully for several times, you may get locked out. Twitter limits the number of times that someone can try logging into an account for security reasons.

This lock gets cleared automatically after 60 minutes. You will thereafter be able to log in successfully with your correct password. If you still cannot, you might want to rest your password.

Twitter account compromised

If you think that your Twitter account has been hacked or compromised, try to reset your password and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, follow the steps given here to recover your hacked Twitter account. This post on What To Do When Your Twitter Account Is Hacked will also help you.

Twitter login problems from mobile phone

If you are facing difficulties logging in to your Twitter accounts from your mobile phones, make sure your Twitter client is up to date with the latest version, then check the date, time, and timezone settings on your device. Certain types of network proxies may also affect this issue. Try connecting via a different Internet connection.

You can get specific logging in problems for Twitter for Android, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad, Twitter for Mac, and Twitter for Windows Phone 7 here.

If all fails, simply go ahead and report your problems to Twitter here. As Twitter likes to say:

Have no fear, Twitter Support is here!

Most problems can be avoided, if you use a strong password, restrict access to 3rd party apps by allowing only trusted third-party programs and applications to be associated with your Twitter account, keep your operating system, browser, antivirus software up-to-date and by using HTTPS for signing in.

Stay in touch – follow us on Twitter; and yes … Happy tweeting! 🙂

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