Top Google Search Fun Tricks


  1. Regretfully allot of these don’t work anymore as Google changed the search page to automatically start searching, thus you don’t have access to the I’m Feeling Lucky button….

  2. actually, if you hover your mouse at the right side of the additional search queries below the textbox you can still see and click the im felling lucky button….

  3. “hahaha I know, Google Gravity might seem a bit gay for guys I think. But for girls it might be fun to play with. 😀

    By the way, just wanna ask do you think Google gravity is a good example of web 3.0 ? Like in the future, our websites will be highly interactive like this, and instead of having a bunch of links, we will have images or blocks that represent those links. What do you think ?

    And thanks for the tips of fixing the video width…I have no idea about these technical stuff..

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