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Comic: Its raining Tablets

Have you visited a Tablet store and experienced the way Tablet salesman will try to push all sort of tablets towards your way? Well this is not applicable to just tablet, but any consumer durable, in fact. Unlike earlier times, […]

EyeRoller: Create funny images, make eyes follow your mouse cursor

With many free and useful software packages available for download today one can sometimes create hilarious animation. Here, I am referring to EyeRoller, an application that helps you create funny faces using photos of your friends or colleagues, display it on […]

Top Google Search Fun Tricks

Besides using it for your homework, assignments, research and other things, you can also use Google for some fun. In this post, I am going to list top 7 fun tricks which can be performed using Google. Google Search Fun […]

Even the Windows 8 Blue Screens have been re-imagined!

The Windows Blue Screens have many a times frustrated even the best of geeks and proved to be rather traumatic experience for many! Everything about Windows 8 appears to be better and more user-friendly, even its BSODs or Blues Screens! They are […]

Comic: How to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer easily

Time to have a laugh! Check out this amusing comic on how to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer. A reboot usually solves most problems in Windows, and a Format definitely does! To solve Linux issues, you are really going […]

Generate or create fake newspaper stories and headlines is a nice free online newspaper headline generator that lets you generate great newspaper stories and headlines. It also lets you generate several other images with custom text, all for free. Free online newspaper headline generator All you have […]

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Song: Facebook is a stupid idiot

David Ippolito debuts his new ‘Facebook is a stupid idiot ‘song at The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater in New York City in 2010. You must watch this video and listen to this hilarious song!

Apple Launches the iHand

Reacting to complaints that the new iPhone 4 loses signal when it’s held in a certain way, Apple recently announced a synthetic appendage that makes it easy for anyone to “get a grip” on iPhone and remain connected.

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Video: A Hard Disks Click of Death Anthem

A hard disk failure can occur when a hard disk drive malfunctions, as a result of which the stored data cannot be accessed. Why or when does a hard disk fail?  A disk failure can occur anytime – during normal operation  […]

Cool animation series: Animator vs. Animation

If you liked the vintage animation Icon Wars, you definitely want to check out these cool animations from Alan Becker at DeviantArt: Animator vs. Animation I, II & III. These animations have been developed by using Adobe Flash. Visit Deviantart, start […]

Watch the Google Home Page come crashing down

Google is the most popular search engine, used by millions, world wide. What if the Google home page was to come crashing down … literally!? Gravity is a website where you can watch the Google home page come tumbling down, […]