Create fake Facebook Post, Message and Twitter Tweets for fun

Facebook and Twitter are the right places to make anything reach a lot of people. We come across many fake funny conversations that are being posted on Facebook and Twitter. They may be between politician and a common man or between a cricketer and a selection committee member. Have you ever felt excited and thought of creating one?

Create fake Facebook Post

If you are looking for the right source to create fake Facebook Status and Tweets, then this article would be a great help for you. I will take you through few online sources, which helps you create such fake Facebook Status and Tweets easily.

Create Fake Facebook Post and Tweets

Creating such funny fake Facebook Status and Tweets is easy. There may be many sources and tools, but I would take you through free and best sources and here are they.

The Wall Machine – Create fake Facebook status

The Wall Machine is really a fun tool for creating fake Facebook status posts for free. Initially, you need to login, using your Facebook account and the fun begins soon thereafter.

You can upload the picture of the person and start typing the status. It allows you to add the people, who you want to ‘Like’ the post and edit the time of post. It provides options to add comments along with profile pictures to the post created – and this is really exciting. They generate examples for everything you want to add and you need to edit them. You can add friendship update, relationship update, events and more.

Fake Facbook Wall Post

After you are done with adding the status and comments, you can save it as an image. While saving, it asks you to enter the title and tags to make it available for everyone as fun Facebook images. You can save it as Public or Private. Once you click on the Save button, you can share it to your Facebook or to any social networking website.

Status Clone – Create fake Facebook message without login

Status Clone allows you to create fake Facebook Status using the Classic and the Timeline format. It does not require any login. So, people who do not use Facebook or do not wish to login using Facebook, can make use of Status Clone to create fake Facebook Post.

Status Clone-fake facebook status

In this case, you need to enter the name, status text, upload the image, people whom you want to Like the created post and comments. While you are adding these things, you can see the preview of your fake post being shown beside. Once done, click on “Create Image and Save”. You can share the created fake post anywhere you want.

Simitator – Create funny Facebook chat

Simitator helps you to create not only fake Facebook Status, but also fake Facebook chat. You can create a fake Facebook chat which looks like you had a chat with say a cricketer or a film star or any other celebrity. Creating fake Facebook chat is the most exciting thing being done using Simitator. You can preview the chat you are creating and download the image once done.

Fake Facebook Chat

Lemme tweet that for you- Create fake tweets

Lemmetweetthatforyou allows you to create fake Tweets for fun. Just visit the website and enter the username of the person you want to create the Tweet for. It automatically updates the profile picture by searching in Twitter. Then, type the tweet you want. You can even edit the number of Retweets and Favorites.

Create Fake Tweet

It also allows you to edit the time and date of the Tweet created. Once done, save it as an image, by just taking the screenshot or share it to your Twitter account.

Have fun!

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  1. ???????? ???? | Mohammad Arif

    Haha, that’s funny

  2. Dan

    Testing these suggestions just now, all fakemaker sites warn not to use maliciously…and I agree. While I only used terms as or meaning “test” without any identity of anyone at all, it appeared (and I may be wrong, please correct me if so) you can add in results as posts but not in a natural-looking way. In any event, I also found…for anyone who might be thinking of mischievous use…that all three sites required either a Facebook tracking cookie, flash activation, valid screen canvas return, or combinations thereof; such sites do appear to assist in trying to track who makes use of such services…and that’s a good thing, in an age where being online makes everything “seem” real. Cheers!

  3. Celoptra

    Simuitar’s FB picture upload hasn’t worked in awhile.

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