Video: A Hard Disks Click of Death Anthem

A hard disk failure can occur when a hard disk drive malfunctions, as a result of which the stored data cannot be accessed. Why or when does a hard disk fail?  A disk failure can occur anytime – during normal operation  or due to  external factors like exposure to fire, water,  magnetic waves or impact.

When a computer hard drive fails, it makes a clicking sound! These sounds are know as The Click of Death! SanDisk has made a nice music video from the sounds!

But if you hear such sound coming from you computer, you may not enjoy it so much, then!

So remember to check up Hard Disk Health natively in Windows 8 | 7 regularly.

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  1. HackToHell

    resukt (result) spelling wrong …

    Nice post 🙂

  2. Lea Wiggins

    This is so funny! I heard that sound last week on my little external hd (60GB). Then today, I have spent the last 6 hours moving files and programs, etc from my 320 GB old external HD. Got everything off of it. Yes!

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