The Special Hidden Google Pages

There are some special works of Google, that are known but to a select community of people. They are the  special  or hidden or lesser known of the Google pages, and are worth having a look at. Check them out !

Special Hidden Google Pages

Special Hidden Google Pages

Google Moms
Rare Google Beta Logo and Google Holiday Logo’s
Google’s Metaplex
Google Heart 1 & Google Heart 2
Google Doodles

UncleSam, Microsoft, Mac, Linux, BSD.
Google’s Help To Build Better Query
Google’s Languages Which Only Google Can Understand

More “un-understandable’s” ! Bork, Bork, Bork!, thlngan Hol, H4×0r, lgpay Atinlay.

Google Easter Feature
Google Gulp.

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Know of any more? Do share!

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  1. My favorite Google language is H4x0r!

    This is post I found to be quite funny and kinda useful in a weird kind of way…

  2. Yatti420

    Using Google IG you can load up a logo extension and see every single logo used etc..

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