How to submit feedback about Windows 10 using Feedback Hub app


  1. Unfortunately it is impossible to edit / correct a post that has been sent.

    It is also impossible to make another user’s post as invalid or replicate it. Sometimes the user is unaware of the existence already of something he’s suggesting.

    I have already suggested these items in Feedback app. But I did it in my native language (brazilian portuguese), if they can strengthen in their languages, would be nice. 😉

  2. Feedback app is not working at all for me. I get a window open with minimize, maximize and exit icons, and the label “Windows Feedback”….nothing else.

  3. It is now two months later. Windows 10 still has the same problem (and many others). I think I will do a clean install of Windows 7, which is apparently the last M’soft operating system that actually WORKS.

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