How to use Feedback app in Windows 10

The new build of Windows 10 – build number 10525 – has a new app called Feedback app. It can be used to send feedback to the team working on Windows 10. It can also be used to report problems to the Windows 10 team. Also, you can view what are other users posting as feature requests.

If you can’t wait to lay your hands on Windows 10 Feedback app, you can set your computer to receive Insider builds. Doing so will download updates that are yet to be tested by masses, and you may face some bugs. I won’t suggest using Insider Builds on your regular computer but if you wish to go ahead anyway, here is how to turn on Insider Builds in Windows 10.

How to use Windows 10 Feedback app

Feedback App in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Feedback App can be launched in the following two ways:

  1. Click on Window icon to open the Start Menu
  2. Click All Apps
  3. Scroll down to W
  4. Look for Windows Feedback
  5. Click on Windows Feedback to launch it

The other method is to type Windows Feedback in the text box on the Windows 10 Taskbar. It will show Windows Feedback up Apps among other results. Click on Windows Feedback App to launch it.

What does the Windows 10 Feedback App do

As said earlier, you can use the Windows 10 Feedback App to see what are other users requesting as features, complaints by other users on particular problems, and to add and send your feedback, suggestion or complaint to the Windows 10 team. Though you will not receive any answer in person, Windows 10 team might take notice of your suggestion or feedback if it is pretty good. Windows 10 team will also be forced to look at the issue if it gets plenty of upvotes.

Anyway, coming back to how to use the Windows 10 Feedback App, here is how to use it.

Browsing through others’ feedback, suggestions, and complaints

When you open the Feedback App, you will be presented with feedback, suggestions, and complaints by other users. The sorting order, by default, would be based on the trending topics i.e., users browsing for similar topics.

You can select categories in the left panel to view feedback and suggestions about that category. For example, if you wish to complain or suggest a feature for Edge, you might want to check if such a complaint or feature request is not already posted to the Windows 10 team. In that case, you have to click on Edge. The right panel will again show a list of suggestions, complaints or feature requests by other users. Browse through them or use the search box to see if a feature request or post similar to what you have in mind is already there. If it is not there, you can go ahead and submit your own suggestion, feedback or feature request. Just click on the Add New Feedback button towards the bottom of right panel in Feedback App. You will get a page with the textbox where you can type whatever you want. You will then have to select the category and subcategory for the text you typed. This will help in narrowing down search results for other users as well as direct your feedback to the right person in the Windows 10 development team.

Upvoting on Similar Feedback

In case what you want to say is already present in the Windows Feedback App, you need not create a new suggestion or feedback. You can simply click on the suggestion or feedback to open it and then click on Upvote. Remember that the issues with more upvotes will get more priority so there is no use in creating a separate feedback post that might not receive many upvotes.

You can also quickly give feedback about Windows 10 Start Search to Microsoft via Start.

The above explains how to use Windows 10 Feedback app. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment.

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  1. Andrey

    Unfortunately it is impossible to edit / correct a post that has been sent.

    It is also impossible to make another user’s post as invalid or replicate it. Sometimes the user is unaware of the existence already of something he’s suggesting.

    I have already suggested these items in Feedback app. But I did it in my native language (brazilian portuguese), if they can strengthen in their languages, would be nice. 😉

  2. Warthog

    Feedback app is not working at all for me. I get a window open with minimize, maximize and exit icons, and the label “Windows Feedback”….nothing else.

  3. Warthog

    It is now two months later. Windows 10 still has the same problem (and many others). I think I will do a clean install of Windows 7, which is apparently the last M’soft operating system that actually WORKS.

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