Unable to add Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook on Windows


  1. You state “We all use a signature in our mails” where do you get the idea that everybody uses a sig? I dont!

  2. Why should users have to hack the registry to fix issues that Microsoft should be addressing with updates?

  3. tried to run this but find the local server 32 folder only has a default string, there is no Local Server 32 string, im not that tech savy but wondered if i just add a string with the data shown in the image above or will this muck up more than i know?? thanks in advance Gary

  4. Hi,

    At Outlook 2013 which came with office 2013 pro plus, a clients options menu did not response.
    At the Outlook Options menu at the Mail submenu, Non of the buttons work. Tried to restart outlook and also restarted the computer. so that the user is unable to change his signature for now.
    Also cant reach same menu when composing new email.

  5. I found a fix to this – you can create string – but it still didnt work for me. i did find a fix but since this thread is old ill not bother posting. reply here if you want it

  6. Thank you, I did modify the registry as you indicated and worked perfectly, now I can open the signatures window and create/edit as needed! Appreciate the work! Kudos!!!

  7. This didn’t work for me, but I did find a way in the registry:
    – Open Regedit
    – Search for “DISABLESIGNATURES”
    – Change any 1’s to 0’s
    – Change should be instant

  8. Hi, this post didn’t help me, and I was wondering what your solution was. Can you send me an email on wim at vanhouts dot be. Thx already !!

  9. Hi – the trick is to replace the html script in the hidden outlook signature folder. Within you will find the exisitng html script (be sure to have created a signature of some description first) and then open relevant html with notepad and substitute in your own script. works a treat 🙂

    e.g. C:UsersJohnAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSignatures

  10. The problem is I’m not even able to create one signature in outlook, and all the registry changes also didn ‘thelp. I have absolutely no clue on what else I can do 🙁

  11. What version of outlook are you using?

    normally if you compose a new message (in a separate window) the add signature option is there…

  12. It’s office 2016 plus. No matter what I do, when I open thet sigantures window, I get the sigantures and stationary dialog, and, when I click new I can type a name for the signature, but, when I click OK in the New signature popup dialog, the signature doesn’t appear and everything remains empty, while, in all normal cases, the siganture would appear in the list “select signature to edit”. That field always remains empty. The application also doesn’t report an error of any kind, it’s just not added to the list. I have no clue why. I reinstalled office in several editions, I tried the registry suggestions in this and other mailthreads… nothing really helps

  13. Hi, none of the items above help, nor did anything on the domain level according to the admin. The problem is related to the domain however, because I reinstalled my PC from scratch and tried with Outlook before the PC was joined to the domain and it worked. Afterwards I joined the PC to the domain and used my domain account, and then it didn’t anymore. So we have no clue, but the domain is for sure related to it. Anyway, somebody just said why don’t you copy my signatures folder? So I went to the appdata and roaming folder where I had signatures file which was some sort of binary file, while on the other persons PC it was a folder with his signatures in. I removed the binary file and then copied the folder. Restarting outlook, and suddenly it was solved! Now you would expect that I would see the other guy’s signatures, but that wasn’t the case. Apparently, outlook had created his own signatures folder again and then put the other guys signatures folder in it so they weren’t correctly ordered, but, it enabled creation of signatures for myself, so at the end the problem is solved. Might be working equally good if you just delete the binay signatures file, or delete it and replace it with an empty signatures folder…. i didn’t go to the problem again to figure that out… after all I’m a user, not a IT admin or MS bug fixer 😉 Hope this helps for you.

  14. This Worked!!! You will have to change the value of “disablesignature” to 0 in all three- 14.0, 15.0 and 16.0/common/mailsettings

  15. My filepath was a little different but the fix worked instantly

    FP: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15Outlook.exe

    That being said you should always check the file path when applying a fix like this anyway seeing as there are always subtle differences between different versions of the program and how they save things on different operating systems.

  16. None of the solutions I found online worked at all.
    I modified all the registry keys everyone mentioned.
    I rebooted.
    I disabled all of my McAfee gear.
    I repaired my office 365 installation.
    None of it worked.
    Then I began uninstalling the stuff that came pre-installed on my laptop and checking outlook’s signature function after each uninstall. Turns out the laptop came pre-installed with “Microsoft Office Desktop Apps”, so I uninstalled it and voila! Fixed. Must’ve been some kind of conflict going on between different installations.

  17. Thumbs up for uninstalling “Microsoft Office Desktop Apps” !!!
    I’ve tried a dozen of other solutions available on the web, but this one did the trick.

  18. hi i am not able create signature outlook 2010 its using operating system windows 10 so please assist with me.

  19. Tried both 32 and 64 bit methods.

    Doesn’t work. Click signatures drop down….nothing happens.

  20. This worked for me as well. Uninstall Microsoft Desktop App on new PC. No reboot required.
    1) Close Outlook
    2) Open “Uninstall or Change a Program” (I have windows 10)
    3) Select Microsoft Desktop App, click Uninstall
    4) Close “Uninstall or Change a Program”
    5) Open Outlook, File, Mail, Signature – it now opens!!

    Thank you!

  21. Hi There, I followed your instructions in 64 bit installation.
    I do not see LocalServer32, please advise. Thanks

  22. Hi – the trick is to replace the html script in the hidden outlook signature folder. Within you will find the exisitng html script (be sure to have created a signature of some description first) and then open relevant html with notepad and substitute in your own script. works a treat 🙂

    e.g. C:UsersJohnAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSignatures

  23. This worked when the other registry options didn’t. Make sure you go to the remove apps windows 10 settings and not add remove programs

  24. THANK YOU! This worked perfectly. All you have to do is remove the pre-installed Microsoft Office Desktop Apps and boom!

  25. Many thanks, worked for me too. Had to uninstall apps on windows 10, not add/remove programs.

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