Ulterius: Free Remote Desktop software to manage other computers remotely

If you need to access computers which are connected to the same Wi-Fi network remotely, you may not have to spend money. Ulterius, a free Remote Desktop software for Windows that allows users to manage other computers remotely. From screen sharing to managing different system tools, everything is possible with Ulterius.

Ulterius free Remote Desktop software

Sometimes you may not be physically present in front of a computer, but you may want to copy a file from that PC. You can use this free software to get this job done easily.

Other features in a nutshell:

  • Task Manager: You can manage all the tasks and background processes with the help of Task Manager. You do not have to open the Task Manager at all to manage them remotely.
  • System Information: Right from basic info like OS version, BIOS, to some information info such as CPU temperature, graphics card info, display/s, etc. – you can get everything on the same screen.
  • Filesystem: Do you want to copy files from the source computer? That’s possible with Ulterius.
  • Screen Share: Like Team Viewer, you can share the screen with someone else under the same network.
  • Terminal: It is also possible to open the Terminal and execute different commands on the go.

Manage computers remotely

One thing you should note and that is mentioned above. You must connect to the same Wi-Fi router or network. Otherwise, it is not possible to open the login page of Ulterius that is required to access a remote computer. If you are fine with this go ahead and download and install it on your machine.

Ulterius free Remote Desktop software

Once you have opened the software, press the Start Ulterius button to start the server on your computer.

You can get the new device or computer, and go to this page: http://client.ulterius.io

Ulterius lets you manage other computers remotely

Hit the Connect button, and enter your password to log in. You will see the following screen:

Ulterius lets you manage other computers remotely

Now, you can navigate through different tabs to find out the various options, and manage them accordingly.

If you want to kill a task, head over to the Task Manager tab, select the task, hit the Cross sign.

The System Information tab shows all the information that you may need.

If you want to use the webcam, you can go to Cameras section.

To explore different partitions, you need to check the Filesystem tab.

If you want to do more with the remote computer and you need to share the screen, you can look at the Screen Share tab, and hit the CONNECT button. Once you select this option, you will get the remote computer’s screen on your computer.

In case, you need to open the PowerShell or Command Prompt; you can go to the Terminal tab and select what you want to open.

Ulterius comes with options to manage different functionalities. For example, you can enable or disable the following features-

  • Webcam
  • Motion detection
  • Terminal
  • GPU usage

Apart from that, you can set the frame rate of screen sharing, terminal port, web server port, etc.

You can download Ulterius from here.

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