Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders and popup notifications

Microsoft Outlook is quite powerful, and for many, it’s the best email tool around, and for a good reason. Now then, the software isn’t exactly easy to use due to the vast amount of features that it offers.

OK, so if you’re using the latest version of Outlook, there are times when you’ll come across some problems that might not be easy to rectify from your point of view. For many users of the program, these problems are usually how to have supreme control over notifications and reminders.

Let’s be honest here, sometimes the Calendar can be annoying, especially if the birthdays of all your Facebook contacts are attached. Just imagine having several notifications in a single month of several Facebook contacts you haven’t spoken to in years.

Worry not, you can stop Outlook Calendar email notifications, etc, and we’re here to help you with this issue, and guess what? It’s effortless to get done.

Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders

Launch the Outlook program and click on Calendars. The option is located near the bottom of the screen for some versions. Now then, click on File > Options, then Calendar, and after that, navigate to Calendar options. Here you’ll see a tick box with the words, “Default reminders” along with a drop-down box beside it.

Simply uncheck the box, click OK, and everything should be okay. If you want to have reminders running again, return to the same section, check the reminder box, select your preferred minutes and click OK.

Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders and popup notifications

We recommend removing reminders from Task options. To get this done, select Tasks from the sidebar then navigate quickly to Task options. There’s a tick box right below with the words, “Set reminders on tasks with due dates.” You’ll want to uncheck the box, which is pretty easy to do as always.

From here the user can also change the default reminder time and even send a status report then an assigned task is completed.

Remove Calendar popup notifications

To get this done, navigate down to Advanced. The first thing you’ll see are the words, “Options for working with Outlook.” Scroll down further until you see “Reminders,” then select from the tick box on whether or not you prefer to show reminders. Additionally, users can turn off reminder sounds, and choose a different tone from the default one.

If you’re using the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Calendar, there’s no way to remove notifications and reminders; only the full experience can do that. Hopefully, Microsoft will make it possible for future updates.

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    How can I switch off the pop-ups in the agenda when i scroll over an item?

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