What is TrustedInstaller.exe in Windows 10


  1. If you care even a bit about your system, removing TrustedInstaller.exe is actually suicide! It’s unbelieveable one would even think of doing it.

  2. Thanks but no thanks the service is not on the service list. And yes i replace it with a dummy file. If need i replace it back. So the service dont eat my % cpu. Microsoft is already a pain in the ass but this…. urg

  3. I got sick of the Microsoft bloat. 3 of the 4 computers in my house now run Ubuntu with no ill effects. Micro$oft “Trusted” anything is really a joke.

  4. Very true why these jokers take control of our PC. We pay money for software and OS. Just bcos it is legal i dont have admin rights cannot do anything :<(

  5. im trying to uninstall internet and it says to get permission from trusted installer how do i get permission?

  6. > Why does TrustedInstaller.exe sometimes utilize a high percentage of resources?
    Right now this programm uses 2.8G ram on my machine … This program simply is badly written …

  7. can anyone give solution for “windows explorer has stop working” error..?? please if have link here ….

  8. Why all of the silly questions? In nearly three decades, MS has failed completely to release even ONE piece of WORKING software. Why should this be any exception? I wrote the last piece of working software, I want the 96 Billion dollars now!

  9. Perhaps because it’s killing battery life? Duh. Tried to get some important work done on a flight yesterday, and it drained my battery quickly, so I wasn’t able to work.

  10. did you find at people had told me internet 9 is bad i can’t get it off it say what you said

  11. Is Microsoft owned by russians? Win 7 is controlling your pc and you can´t change what you want. Communism in a nut shell….

  12. You must be new to computing… each and every one of these services is designed to support the users and programs do their tasks. Anyone with admins rights can change each and every thing on their windows box if they want to. Not knowing how or understanding what these things do is the users fault and there’s nothing the OS can do to educate you. Bugs always occur under ANY OS (trust me i have to support a half dozen distros of linux and all versions of windows above XP). Stop trolling please.

  13. Don’t want to search? Press Win+R and paste in the following:
    C:Windowsexplorer.exe shell:::{d450a8a1-9568-45c7-9c0e-b4f9fb4537bd}
    then press Enter.
    wait for the Uninstall an update screen to load completely
    scroll through the list until you find Windows Internet Explorer 9
    click once to highlight IE9, then click the Uninstall button (or right-click and uninstall)
    confirm that you want to uninstall (click yes)

  14. Cara estou cheio de videos curtos, que estão estalados na minha máquina, quero deletar e quando mando para a lixeira, ele me pede autorização do TrustediInstaller, como eu faço para excluir estes vídeos.

  15. Although I agree we could do without the trolling, your statement is wrong. Accounts with Admin rights do not have access to change everything on their box … unless they circumvent the TrustedInstaller. Some of the “Protected” files are as in-nocuous as a BMP background image (%SystemRoot%System32oobebackground.bmp). The only way to change any of the TrustedInstaller protected files is to take ownership of the file, then edit the permissions to allow yourself access. That is not something average users can (or should) do.

  16. Trusted installer is a piece of shit. I own the system not Trusted Installer. I deleted mine off the system and took ownership of the whole windows directory!

  17. i updated to windows 8.1 and it says i need permission off trusted installer to delete the folder ‘windows. old’ if anyone could help that would be great

  18. Trying to find a solution to “windows audio device graph isolation” “Audiodg.exe” eating my memory 55% and stalling the computer, I wasn’t even using any sound or video at the time. Followed all the advice on windows site, said download KB981013, followed all the links and eventually after installing it stated that it was not suitable for my system, windows 7 by the way. What a load of crap! There’s something going on through the back door here! It only happens when I’m on-line! I can’t delete it as I’m not a “Trusted Installer” another load of crap!

  19. Just as a final comment, I bought my computer after this was raised as a problem in 2011, and nothing has been done about it, this is the real problem, complacency, I hope Microsoft goes bust!!

  20. I must say, this app is total bull. I got a bunch of really bad viruses, and because this piece of crap wouldn’t let me remove stuff, I had to totally reset my comp. next time im buying a friggin MacBook, because obviously I cant get crap done with windows can I? Thank you for making this piece of crap ‘trusted installer’ Microsoft, because its junk. and now I cant get it off my comp.

  21. How do you know that TrustedInstaller was the cause?
    It could be anything, like your drivers or any third party software you installed.
    Just make sure you don’t have anything that is not required at the startup.

  22. Updating Windows 8 is ferking SUICIDE.
    The tens of thousands of us who updated to Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Media Center now all have our MS DVD Install discs all but effing useless except as coasters.
    Unless we yet again install from scratch; in which case Microsoft want a bundle of moeny (for tech support) to help us, or they refuse to help re-register the Disc Key code after a third time trying to sort their GARBAGE out.

  23. I have a fresh install of Windows 8 on a blank SSD and in two days with no programs installed it has balooned to 45Gigabytes, essentially by itself.
    Windows 8 is a MONSTER.

  24. Bump, plus for those of us who customize our OSes to the extent of recompiling the kernel… closed source means no editing the OS it’s self. Not bashing on closed source or their decision to go closed, just saying that in effect is yet an other thing you have no control over… ever wanna patch an OS bug now rather than wait for an update to patch it… not in windows, not gonna happen.

  25. It may be suicide, but if I can’t uninstall a program it might as well be tried. Otherwise I have to format and reinstall the system anyway. Damned it you do and damned of you don’t.

  26. So did you fresh install simply to stare at it? Or are Notepad and Internet Explorer the only programs you use?

  27. Windows Media Player starts by itself and stays on the desktop even if you x it out, it just keeps reloading itself. I tried to uninstall it, but that TrustedInstaller.exe program won’t let me. I had to go in and turn off the windows feature, so far so good.

  28. how about all those stupid 6 second videos filling up my windows media player,trustedinstaller wont let me delete them

  29. Or, instead of fighting the issue, just run a refresh on the system, if you care about your files, back them up. then reset everything back to factory, if you start off from that, install windows 8.1, then bring your data back up. you should very rarely have issues.
    (shift+Restart will bring up the troubleshooting menu, takes about an hour to do a full reset)

  30. They give you admin rights. you just have to know how to activate the system administrator account. It is deactivated by default for security. and although for most of us IT guys, it get annoying. Microsoft is making a jump to making an OS for the average user. So to them everything is great. To the people that know better, it’s a huge pain 🙂

  31. Too painful to bother reading the fifty-thousand pages of information on how to find that information.

  32. So wrong. On so many levels (including the assumption that most people know what you are talking about).

  33. I disabled everything associated on my PC with Microsoft. As one poster stated earlier “Anything from Microsoft that reads Trusted is a JOKE!!!!” Try disabling all of Microsoft’s services and watch the computer dictatorship take its own course of action. I was amazed to see that they re-enabled my Windows Update after i clearly disabled it. That is when i discovered that every account (including administrator) only has Read/Write/Execute privileges to the explorer.exe module…that is every account other than the so-called “Trusted Installer”. The “Trusted Installer” has modifying privileges. Not even the System i.e your very computer has those rights. Does anyone else find this strange that my PC doesn’t even have the right to modify things on itself but the “Trusted” Installer does. Well it made sense when I watched as explorer.exe re-enabled Windows update. I had to roll back to get the Microsoft Malware i.e updates off my Computer. Now I am getting a default message in the right hand corner of my desktop telling me that my ‘Windows copy is not genuine’. How is my pre-installed windows all of a sudden not legit (after 4 years)? I suppose it has to do with the fact that I am not allowing the dictatorship in anymore and this is its way of lashing out at me. Then I was told that i needed to re-install Windows because unauthorized things have been done to my software. Could it be the fact that I made myself (i.e the administrator) the one in control of explorer.exe and denied this lying devil “Trusted” Installer the rights to modify on my PC. I think so. Microsoft is the malware. I have Avast and Peerblock on my computer. That is all the security I need. They make you think that its “suicide” not to have their updates but the Malicious one, or should i state rather the Malevolent one is Microsoft itself. This is a nearly 500 dollar laptop that came pre-installed with windows 7. If i decide I don’t want any updates or Microsoft services running on my PC other than the basic drivers and processes, I should have that right without having my software deemed ‘Illegal’ (and it is clearly not). I could go on and on about all the Malicious things “Trusted” Installer does but I’ll just end on — “Microsoft is an OS dictatorship that demands access to files that even your own PC does not require access to. Anyone who truly believes that its ‘updates’ are needed is blinded by Microsoft propaganda and can’t see clearly enough to see what the big picture is.

  34. Don I suggest downloading VLC (its free) and very simple however effective when playing audio and video files. Then after downloading VLC, disable and stop every service that starts with “Windows Media.” I have had people who have called me to their houses to repair their PC and the problem at hand is Windows Media Player using all their resources and slowing down their performance rate at an alarming rate. Make VLC your default audio/video player. One can only wonder what is Windows Media Player transferring that takes up all that CPU. HMMMM?

  35. Many IT folks do this to test a new OS before rolling it out to the company at large.

  36. I wish to delete Windows Media Center, but cannot do so unless I have TrustedInstaller permission. How do I attain this?

  37. Kudos to you. I can’t install win 10 because this guy in England from Microsoft can’t help me. He wants me to put the temp folder back into winsxs but my pc won’t let me because I don’t have trustedinstaller’s permission. I’ve been following his instructions for 2 days and nothing is fixed. Any suggestions?

  38. you have to right click on winsxs and go to properties. Then go to the security tab and go to advanced. Then make yourself the owner vs trustedinstaller. Then go back to the security tab and make it where trustedinstaller can just read/write and execute files and give yourself full permissions. Than move the file.

  39. I don’t know if you smartasses lecturing about the necessity of poorly designed modules like TrustedInstaller.

    But get this: It is not reasonable that a process should permanently eat up large portions of memory and CPU resources for no apparent reason. IT JUST ISN’T.

    Those resources are there to run my games, my IDEs, my youtube kitty videos. Everything else is essentially overhead, it should be as small as humanly possible.

    Just now(which is why I am here in the first place), this filth managed to eat up my entire 8GBs worth of memory, causing the entire system to hang due to thrashing. The drive was going apeshit trying swap out the junk TrustedInstaller had accumulated. The process was litterally 7 GBs large!

    I’ve not had this problem before, that is probably because I have ever since XP, turned windows update completely off reinstalled the operating system, this time I evidently forgot to do that(or the filth turned itself back on, everything is possible I guess).

    Moral of the story: Do updates manually. Automatic updates, and it’s associated processes, are poorly designed batch operations.

    This is the essential problem of windows, you don’t have control over your own system.

  40. trusted installer is t055 because win10 bins old op sys to win.old. this has now destroyed my HDD capacity, and of curse I can’t delete old files. Thanksalot BillG creping over my pathetic life yet again.

  41. my original comment was about the (appalling) windows 10 upgrade routine written by BillG oppos. It leaves on your HDD the original Windows directory renamed as windows.old, thereby shagging xx Gig of disk space.
    I have discovered no means of deleting this without using sysadmin to changing directory/file properties which is awful.

  42. Right on…I had a pirate and hacked Windows which was all so sweet (no ‘..copy is not genuine’ message ever) until I allowed updating, lol, and then the OS becomes a RAM hog every when it seems fit (still no ‘not genuine message though ;))…now I’m uninstalling all that shit, even though some won’t rub off, but now it’s stalling lesser and lesser

  43. Yup, I just avoid as much possible anything microsoft, I don’t use the IE or Outlook or any of those preinstalled shits whatsoever and mostly, don’t cave in to all those threats that your laptop will explode and your peepee will fall off if you don’t update, it’s just pure and unadultered rubbish

  44. my comment was not on Memory, but the fact that the win10 upgrade leaves a massive redundant directory with the OLD system in it, which ‘trusted installer’ denies access to in order to remove once upgrade is running ok.

  45. I have internet explorer and tried to remove it and reinstall it because I am having problems with it. I get a popup saying you need permission from windowsinstaller. How do I give permission?

  46. ‘trusted installer’ is typical BillG shite foisted on the punters. It’s badly written software that just screws your life instead of helping. Its failure to provide a temporary suspend mode to enable Supervisor maintenance of a machine is pathetic.

  47. I am running Pivot tables in excel and frequently get an out of resources message. What can I do to optimize so that excel can have the resources it needs for the pivot tables?

  48. quote “The tens of thousands of us who updated to Windows 8.1..” – find your mistake! Anyone with half a brain would never even consider installing Windows 8.. WHY? It’s designed to turn your touchscreen PC into a thermostat, that’s why. Just like that stupid computer table MS came out with.

  49. I rarely use Notepad, and I hardly ever use I.E.
    With the necessary Updates to stabilise it, eventually W8/8.1 ran fine with Windows SHELL Program on top. Even if Chess was still thieved if you updated from Windows 7.
    I only have 2 laptops with Windows 10 (W10 spyware?) and 2 Haswell desktop PC`s (high-end gaming also) with Windows 10 …. oh and a Windows XP (and LunuxMint 17.2) for when they go wrong…
    …………such as when Office 2000 documents were opened in Office 2007, and when they auto-saved to the stock Office 2007 format (rather than Office 200 .doc), they exploded all over the desktop in bitz for weeks, until MS eventually found the cause and sent out an emergency update… a few years ago. They had people all over the world sharpening garden tools to march on Bill Gates house till that fix came out.

    Its just annoying when you install the origional Windows 8 on an i7 Dynabook laptop, if you get it working, and touch the number-keypad (before the updates), the PC has an immediate BSoD. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
    But, maybe you were blowing Bill at the time.

  50. Windows 10 (with Windows SHELL Program) or LinuxMint 17 ver 2 is the way forward then.
    Until the new Linux with Vulcan.

  51. more of windows placing their gun to your head do it or your pc gets it! This is such bullshit. If it’s broke FIX IT!!!!

  52. yes if you ave this problem turn off win update ands restart and turne it on ounce a week sory for the ortographe i am frenche and not to good for rithing lol but it will fixe your problèmme cose it workt for me

  53. Well you all twats out there in Microsoft…

    Howcome i cant remove *.tmp s (91Gt) without getting permission from TrustedInstaller? I dont have any use for those files so youd better get that thing solved like yesterday and if some shitty boss starts giving you hardtime for doing that just post him/her.

  54. I wounder. Nice tricks but what to do if the TurstedInstaller runns on every programm start, he? Thats here on Win2008Server R2 from one day to each other – no one can help….

  55. My query regarding this service is, my Security software (ESET) keeps showing info popups every so often that say trusted installer service has modified startup settings in the registry. More than distracting, its a little worrying why it needs to modify my startup settings so often? What can cause this behavior, and should I be worried?

    Brand new laptop, running a fresh install of activated Win10 1803.

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