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Change Task Schedule Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

What is CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows 10? What does it do?

CompatTelRunner.exe is the Windows Compatibility Telemetry process. It periodically sends usage and performance data to Microsoft IP addresses so that improvements can be made on user experience & usage, and fix potential issues. It is enabled by default, and the […]

What is Microsoft AU Daemon process? Should you disable it?

We hear of many Microsoft Office users wanting to what is Microsoft AU Daemon, and whether or not if this tool will affect their Windows 10 or Mac computer system. This is not something that usually makes itself known to regular […]

Microsoft Windows Logo process im Task Manager

Microsoft Windows Logo process in Task Manager

A reader recently brought to our notice that he was seeing a Microsoft Windows Logo process in his Task Manager. It looked suspicious to me as I had not come across such a process before and moreover the Publisher name […]

What is AppVShNotify.exe Is it safe What does it do.

What is AppVShNotify.exe? Is it safe or is it a virus?

AppVShNotif.exe is a file made by Microsoft and is available on Windows 10/8/7. It stands for Microsoft Application Virtualization Client Shell Notifier. It is located in a subfolder of C:\Program Files. It is responsible for integrating a virtualized application. This means that it is […]

What is Browser_Broker.exe

What is Browser_Broker.exe in Windows 10? Is it a Virus?

Windows OS and any other application use many executable files for its functioning. If you noticed Browser_Broker.exe in the Task Manager consuming a bit of CPU and memory, don’t be worried. It is not a virus for sure. In this […]


What is taskhostw.exe? Is it a virus?

Taskhostw.exe is a Windows operating system file. The main function of taskhostw.exe is to start the Windows Services based on DLLs whenever the computer boots up. It is a host for processes that are responsible for executing a DLL rather […]


What is rundll32.exe process? Is it a virus?

A lot of Windows users have doubts about whether the rundll32.exe process that they see in the Task Manager is a genuine process or a virus. The reason behind these inquiries is the paranoia created by fraud tech support companies […]


What is JUCheck.exe? Is it safe?

Java is a very important software and plugin. It enables the users to run a variety of new applications using a number of APIs and brings in support for various types of digital signature devices and more. It also helps […]

Akamai NetSession Client

What is Akamai NetSession Client? Should I remove it?

When you try to download software or an application that is large from the Internet, the role of Akamai NetSession Client comes into play. The client comes pre-installed on your PC or bundled with the program you are installing, claims […]


What is wab.exe file on my Windows? Is it malware?

Windows 10 is a huge operating system. There are more than a billion files that support the overall functioning of a computer. One such file is the wab.exe. It weighs around 0.5 Megabytes and is developed by Microsoft itself. It is related […]


What is ctfmon.exe? Should I disable it on Windows10?

A few fraudulent anti-virus and tech-support companies have been trying to present genuine processes in the Windows Task Manager as a virus or malware to fool customers into buying their product or service. One such case is with the process […]

System interrupts high CPU issue in Windows 10

System interrupts high CPU usage in Windows 10

What is this System interrupts process? Do you see System interrupts consuming high CPU usage in Windows 10 Task Manager? Is it a virus or malware? Well, System interrupts is an OS process and if it is located in the […]

Fix lsass.exe terminated and High CPU or Disk usage issues

LSASS.exe or Local Security Authority Subsystem Service is a process on Windows operating system. It is valuable in enforcing the security policy on the computer. When a user logs in to the Windows Server, it is responsible for handling the password changes […]