Top 3 Video Communication Software for Windows


  1. Thank you for the great work you do. I find myself using your “stuff” and reading the posts quite often. Today, I will download ooVoo.

  2. Almost a year ago, I moved out of state which meant moving away from most of my family and friends. I had never dealt with video chatting before so when trying to connect with my brother and sister, we tried Skype as it was the one I knew a lot of people used. We quickly found out that it was clunky and it wanted money if we were to video chat with more that one person at a time. So the next logical thing was to try Google’s hangout and this was by far the easier way to video chat. Multiple people can be in the video chat at once, it didn’t require a client to install (although it does require a plugin install) so it’s used in the browser, it was a whole lot simpler to connect than Skype (in my opinion), and it had a whole lot of extra features as well (some of which Skype does have). Another great feature that the Hangout has, is the ability to call someone on a phone while video chatting in a Hangout. So if I’m video chatting with my mother and she wants to discuss something with my brother but he’s not at home, we can call his phone and have him enter the hangout from his phone (no video, just voice). I don’t know if Skype does that, but it is a nice feature to have for a service I already enjoy using.

  3. I have not trusted either the government [here in UK] nor in USA for a long time. They [along
    with others] use terrorism as an excuse. The fact that I am sitting here in the UK and that everything I do on-line or phone [both land-line and mobile] is monitored by both the UK and an outside [non UK] agency is in itself an act of terrorism.

    “ANYONE” who deliberately snoops on another country is guilty of spying. Will any country openly accuse the USA of this? No.

    Over the past year there has been multiple instances where this [so called] search for terrorist activity has failed. The USA [as has the UK] has been caught out over this but just how many countries also have their own equivalent of this type of program?

    No matter what we [the public] think this will continue and become even more invasive. I take my hat of to Snowden over his decision to go public with this. On the radio a short while ago it was announced that he is to face criminal charges. Are the various governments [the prime minister and president
    for example, as they are ultimately responsible for the actions of their government departments] also going to be charged with criminal behaviour? I think not.

    China is accused of using the internet to spy on other countries. Is this not the exact same as the USA & the UK [as well as others] doing? I think this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    It is my opinion that this will be the last straw and over the next couple of years more and more companies will relocate outside of the USA because of this.

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  5. borrrrrrrrrrrring did not like it cause i could not download it at school or at home no use okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol………………………………………. P.S. sometimes it will download but wait for long time and it wont open program…

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