Top 10 Free Calling Apps for Windows 10

Honestly speaking, if I call Skype the best free Call app on the market, many might disagree. While the giant has its own set of followers, Microsoft Store has a lot more to offer, some options being way better than Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Free Calling Apps for Windows 10

Here is a list of a few tried and tested free Calling apps that could help:

Imo desktop free video calls and chatFree Calling Apps for Windows 10

Imo desktop free video calls and chat has an HD interface making it a favorite in the market. Personally, I rate the app better than Skype and way better than WhatsApp and Facebook messenger for the ease of use and reliability. The connection doesn’t break (unless it’s genuinely an issue with the network) and the app is easy to use. The Imo desktop free video calls and chat app is totally free and allows unlimited interactions. It’s available at the Microsoft store here.

Messenger for Google HangoutsMessenger for Google HangoutsThis app is not the original Google hangouts app but a 3rd party software that helps users connect to hangouts and use it exactly the way it was intended to be. With a funky interface, the app makes the hangouts experience fun.

The question might be, why to use Messenger for Google Hangouts when we could simply use the usual Hangouts software. Messenger for Google Hangouts helps use the messenger full-screen making it easier to manage multiple chats and is very useful for business. The app is available in the Microsoft store here.

Messenger for Windows 10 (Hifriends)Messenger for Windows 10 (Hifriends)The Messenger for Windows 10 (Hifriends) is another biggie in the app market. It has a beautiful interface, but even more, a reason to buy it is its reliability. The app is as simple as any social media app while making sure that it provides users a bug-free experience. Use it to make voice calls, video calls and messages. It permits conference calls too. You could share your photos and posts using Hifriends. Download the app from the Microsoft store.

SIP Trunk Call Manager

The SIP technology is clearly taking over its rivals, allowing many more options. As the SIP apps help use more phones at the same time, managing them becomes difficult. The SIP Trunk Call Manager app helps manage calls on your other phones and help redirect them accordingly. It isn’t a voice call app in itself but important for managing other phones. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft store here.

Free Call VOIP

A pretty light app, Free Call VOIP allows users to make free voice calls, video calls, and messages. Users can register using the email ID’s, and they could connect with any other registered user as far as they know the person’s email ID. The app also assigns phone numbers which could be dialed using the dial pad. Free Call VOIP allows sending voice recordings. Get this app from the Microsoft store here.

ooVoo – Video Calls and Messaging

The ooVoo app is pretty popular, something which can be attributed to its amazing interface. It is literally a mini-social media network. The app allows voice/video calls, messaging and conference calls up to 8 people. It is available here. While this app has been removed from the Microsoft store, it could be downloaded from the mentioned link.

WePhone – free phone calls & international calling

The WePhone app is analogous to Skype but is a much better software. It allows free voice calls for users using the software, and paid calls when calling international phones. They claim a better voice quality (than Skype), but that’s for the users to decide. Recorder and CallerID are additional facilities. Check more details about the WePhone app on the Microsoft store here.

Call Center

The Call Center app allows users to control their business voice calls like they usually do in a call center. They can put up to 4 calls on hold at a time, and even conference between them. The drag and drop interface makes things even easier. It allows to save call history and make notes. The most interesting thing is that it allows to control this PC only app remotely, so your business is not impacted while traveling. Setup your own mini call-center with this app after downloading it from the Microsoft app store here.

Zalo Desktop

Zalo DesktopThe Zalo Desktop app is a simple but light and precise voice, video call and messaging app. It’s fast and reliable while offering a high level of privacy. The best part is that it helps users manage multiple tasks at the same time. The file transfers are quick, unlike most of its rivals. The app is available in the Microsoft store here.

ISeeVM for YouMail

ISeeVM for YouMailYouMail is known for its state-of-art voicemail and visual experience. However, while the service is available for Android and iOS, they missed out Microsoft. The ISeeVM app helps bring it to Microsoft devices. It organizes your voicemails making it easier to manage them. Grab the app from the Microsoft store to upgrade your voicemail experience.

Which one do you prefer to use?

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