How to use Timeline feature in Windows 10


  1. I have done an inplace upgrade with media creation tool to 1803 april update and the timeline doesn’t work on my pc. Everything is enabled but it doesn’t collect anything. Any way to fix this?

  2. Same here, upgraded through Windows Update, Timeline worked once and then stopped working after I restarted my PC. Clicking the taskbar button or using WinKey+Tab doesn’t do anything.

  3. Isn’t working for me either (on 1803 through Windows update), with everything enabled.

  4. Anand, creating the three registry keys (which weren’t present although my privacy settings were OK) and setting them to 1 seems to have done the trick. Thanks.

  5. OK, scratch that. It worked fine yesterday, now it doesn’t. I checked and the registry keys are still there, but taskbar button or keyboard shortcut do not work anymore.

    There’s definitely a bug there.

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