How to hide Suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10

The Timeline feature is probably the highlight of Windows 10 v1803. When you need to get back and open previously opened apps or a browser window, you can make use of Timeline feature. By default, Timeline is activated on Windows 10. If you are using Timeline for the first time, you might find some suggestions like “See more days in Timeline” and so on. Suggestions in Timeline can help you understand the feature – but if you want to hide suggestions in Timeline. This post shows how to Turn on or Turn off Suggestions in Timeline on Windows 10 via Settings or Registry.

Hide suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10

There are two methods to hide suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10. The first one is via Windows 10 Settings and the second one is via the Registry Editor.

1] From Windows 10 Settings

Hide suggestions in Timeline

Open Settings > System > Multitasking.

On your right-hand side, you should find an option called Timeline. It should contain one option called Show suggestions occasionally in Timeline. By default, this is turned on. You need to click the toggle button to turn it off.

That’s it! Now you cannot find any suggestions on Timeline.

2] Using Registry Editor

If you want to try something new, you can head over to Registry Editor and follow these steps. Before that, create a backup of Registry files or a system restore point.

After that, navigate to this following path in Registry Editor-


On your right-hand side in ContentDeliveryManager, you will find a key called SubscribedContent-353698Enabled.

By default, it should have a value of 1 (One), which means it is enabled. You need to double-click on this key and set the value to 0 (zero0.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Farmers (Mansfield)

    Oh, wonderful. The bulk of the settings for Timeline are under ‘Privacy’. What is it with MS? They introduce a feature like Timeline, then hide all the settings for it in different places, like they think we’ll find it a laugh to have to do an Easter egg hunt for the setting we need.

  2. onhig

    Exactly!!!!!!!!!! This is so annoying !

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