Best Time lapse software for Windows 10 to make time-lapse videos

Have you seen one of those amazing videos of an apple aging over time? Also, the weather and sky changing over some time? Those are all Timelapse videos. These videos are one of the creative photography and video techniques. It lets you make a video of a passing period of an object or any creative aspect. In this post, we are looking at some of the best free time lapse software to make amazing videos on Windows 10.

Time-lapse software for Windows 10

Time-lapse software for Windows 10

We will take a look at the following free timelapse software or creating Time lapse videos:

  1. Panolapse
  2. MAKEAvi
  3. SkyStudioPro
  4. Time Lapse Video Creator
  5. Chronolapse.

1] Panolapse

Panolapse is undoubtedly the best free time-lapse software available online. While the punch lies in the paid version, you could taste a little of everything in the free version.

Panolapse is a complex application which was ideally designed for professionals. Unlike other free time-lapse software products, it has a lot more options, but it also means you would have to learn a lot before using it. However, the software enables users to make sophisticated time-lapse videos.

2] MAKEAvi

One of the main reasons why I included this particular time lapse software is because of the ease of using it. It is almost like a dirty sketch of software created in a dorm. However, MAKEAvi works exceptionally well as a trial pad for time-lapse video makers.

The best part about MAKEAvi is that it can stitch through a load of images. You can go well over 4000 images at one go to stitch up like a time-lapse video.

3] SkyStudioPro

The fact that you can record videos directly from the software makes SkyStudioPro a much easier product to use. With other time lapse freeware, you would either need to upload the images from an external folder or record videos using another application.

The quality of the time-lapse video generated is average – but you couldn’t expect better for free.

4] Time Lapse Video Creator

Time Lapse Video Creator from Microsoft Store is another option you can consider.

Once you have installed the app, select the images to create the video, then move on to the frame settings which you can choose as per your specs. Render your video, and there you go! You got yourself a time-lapse video to share all over your social media.

5] Chronolapse

Chronolapse is another free and easy to use time-lapse video creator online. You can see easily it and complete the installation. There are no paid versions so you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases.

All you have to do is select the path of all the images you want to use to create the video, and as usual, set your frame setting and rate. Then the only thing left for you to do is click to render the whole video.

If you are looking to make the best out of time-lapse videos, then go for Panolapse. However, if you are starting and your basic needs are simple social media postings, then I would suggest either go for MAKEAvi or SkyStudioPro. Either of which will serve the purpose.

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