SkyStudioPro is a free time-lapse and motion detection software

There are two ways to create a time-lapse motion graphics video. However, you by now would know having a time lapse software to do it is better than just making a video and speeding it up. Out of many time-lapse video makers, SkyStudioPro has managed to gain a cult following among its users recently. One of the best things about this particular software is how easy it is to use it. One of the best things about SkyStudioPro is that is it easy to directly capture and edit images for a time-lapse video. You don’t need a heavy duty camera to get all of this done.

SkyStudioPro for Windows PC

You can use a laptop webcam and fit the bill. You can also time it to record motion and create videos too.

I have been a stop motion enthusiast for a while now, and have dabbled at a few time lapse software. However, I found SkyStudioPro to be an excellent tool also to create stop motion videos. Along with that, I can use it to detect motion and create a motion sequence too. This makes it rather easy to handle. Moreover, of course, it is a freeware, so I get all of these editing tools for free on my Windows.

Free time-lapse & motion detection software

If we are talking about the positives, then you have to start the fact that it supports two devices. You can use any capture devices or even your simple laptop webcam.

It doesn’t matter what the size of your video is, or even the frame size. SkyStudioPro supports all the sizes for that. But, what stands out with this freeware comes with an enhanced Night Vision that utilizes the lower frame rate. Alongside, you also get a motion sensor feature that videos upon detection of motion in the frame.

How to Use SkyStudioPro

Set your Resolution of ‘Capture Devices.’ For a webcam, you can go up to 640×480. The better the device, the higher you can go up to Full HD.

SkyStudioPro is a free time-lapse and motion detection software

Save Recording System, here you select the destination you want your motion graphic to be saved. Frames per second are redundant when it comes to time-lapse videos. It would be best if you had that for live videos.

Saving recording system

Create Video on SkyStudioPro, and the settings after the above are pre-set. However, it can be customized for more ambitious projects.

Record time lapse

Well, you can change the frames per second altogether to 2 seconds and also 24 hours. It depends on what you are trying to do.

You are bound to get outstanding Post Production Flexibility with SkyStudioPro for your time-lapse videos. And, a wide range of frame settings to choose from too.

To add to these, the best advantage I found was the zero dropped frames rate. You would definitely like that.

The only thing that I found to be a little inconvenient is that to make the best of this freeware; I have to make sure I use high-quality images.

SkyStudioPro is set for video editors who love taking live shoots and making time-lapse videos out of it. Webcam videos are great too. However, to make the most out of this time-lapse video maker, you would have outstanding quality images.

I would recommend this to my video editors and friends since I have been using this for the last three months and have used to make some awesome videos. SkyStudioPro can be downloaded from its official website. They recommend that you install the Xvid video codec prior to installing SkyStudioPro.

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