Panolapse time-lapse software for Windows PC

Time-lapse videography is an important concept in video editing. While the option is available in all expensive videography software suites, amateurs wouldn’t prefer them. Fortunately, we have a few free options for creating time-lapse videos and panorama motion videos. We have found this amazing software Panolapse which made up for all our hard work. If you are looking to replace a GoPro version of time-lapse videos, then Panolapse would work as the perfect substitute for it.

Panolapse time-lapse software

Panolapse is handy software that let’s rotate, pan and zoom in and out on a time lapse video. It is not only for time lapse videos. You also use the fisheye feature for shots, which lets you widen the frame. The precise 360-degree feature gives you an excellent panoramic time-lapse video. It is almost like your very own DIY tripod.

Chances are you will get many options for software to give you that “Ken Burns Effect.” So far I have found Panolapse that offers you the best features. It uses the lens profiles to complete an image correction while rendering the video.

Panolapse comes to you in two versions. The free version is a trial version. This free version of Panolapse is for personal use only, and it is limited to 1280×720 output. THe RAWBlend is limited to 60 frames.

How to use Panolapse

Panolapse is simple software. You can always go through detailed tutorials by professional photographers who use Panolapse. But, the basics are pretty much simple.

Launch Panolapse and Import Photos to Panloapse.

Import photos to Panolapse

By selecting your images will automatically open your lens settings like the below image.

Lens settings

In the next step, you could select the aspect ratio and preview your video.

Panolapse time-lapse software for Windows PC

Once you are done, select Export frames. Select the Output folder, the frames, and select Render all.

Select the Output folder, the frames, and select Render all

You could also use the RAWBlend feature, but the options are pretty limited in the free version.



Panolapse is pretty sophisticated software and needs learning. It isn’t as simple to use as its counterparts. The process isn’t simply uploading the images and creating the video.

While Panolapse is quite a good software with many options, even though they offer a glimpse of them (e.g. RAWBlend), they are useless in the free version. Yes, you can make time-lapse videos easily if that is all you need. I would rate it better than other free time-lapse freeware products. But if you are a serious photographer, the free version would be insufficient for your work. You can download it from its homepage.

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