Create an AVI video from Image files using MakeAVI for Windows

MakeAVI is a free time lapse video maker software which can be used to create time-lapse videos by combining images. It will let you create an AVI video file from a series of image files of JPG, PNG, BMP, etc., formats. It is one of the most basic time-lapse video makers available right now. Much like a college project, it lets you capture many images and stitch them together.

What is a Time Lapse Video Maker

A time-lapse video is about taking many captures of motion and image over time and making a video of it. In other words, Time Lapse photography is the frequency of the frames captured. Which means the frame rate is far more spread than the frequency you use to take a standard picture. So, when you play this stitched video at an average speed, you will see the speed in time lapse.

MakeAVI time-lapse video maker software

MakeAVI utilizes the Windows AVI API. So, you will pretty much only manage to use it on a Windows system. It will capture images (BMP, JPG and a few other formats as well). Moreover, the video quality, you get to choose from a range of SD, 720p HD, 4K, 1080p HD to almost 8K in pixel resolution.

How to use MakeAVI

MakeAVI time-lapse video maker software

  1. Click on Add Files and select the images.
  2. Enter the desired Playback frame rate.
  3. Hit Begin to initiate the time-lapse video.

One of the most significant advantages of this freeware is that it will capture over 3500 images. That’s a pretty heavy load even for a freeware like MakeAVI.

But if you have to delete images or files, you have to do one at a time. You can’t delete files in a group. So, you would end up spending much time trying to re-group the whole video.

I created the following time-lapse video with MakeAVI:

Make AVI is good for basic jobs. But if you want to work with Time Lapse videos in detail, then MakeAVI will fall short. Unlike, it’s counterparts, you don’t have features of editing images either. It can crop pictures, but, MakeAVI will not scale a copy for you. As I said, it is a scrap project by enabling a code that uses the Windows Video Maker API and Free Image Library.

So, use it if your requirements are, and you need to stitch many images together. If you get into this freeware expecting a lot then here is the verdict for you; don’t expect anything much out of it. You can download the MakeAVI time lapse software from SourceForge’s website.

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