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Where is Windows Media Player in Windows 10?

Windows Media Player not only allows you to store and view music, pictures, or video files but sync them to a portable device for enjoying on the go. In addition to this, you can share the content with devices around […]

Windows Media Player cannot detect the length of the file

Despite the addition of Groove Music, many Windows 10 users will have many reasons to continue taking advantage of Windows Media Player. You see, of all the Microsoft-made media players, Windows Media Player is still arguably the best around. Windows […]

Server Execution Failed

Windows Media Player Error – Server Execution Failed

It may so happen that when trying to play music files using the Windows Media Player, you receive Server execution failed popup. Post this; you will not be able to play media files for some time. Some users reported that […]

File types supported by Windows Media Player

File types supported by Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the default desktop application in Windows 10. When you fresh install Windows 10, you can use this to play audio, and video files on your computer.  That said, Windows Media Player doesn’t support all formats out […]

Windows Media Player showing no or wrong Album information

When you want to find any album information playing under Windows Media Player, all you must do is choose the album, right-click on it and select ‘Find Album info’. A new window instantly appears, displaying complete information related to the […]

Windows Media Player is not playing the Music Playlist

Windows Media Player in most cases is a much better media player when compared to Groove. We can understand why the Groove Music app was created, but with the music pass aspect dead in the water, maybe it’s time for […]

Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE stopped working

Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE stopped working

If you can’t transfer videos from PC to mobile & you receive Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE stopped working error message, then this post shows how to fix the mfpmp.exe error. Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE stopped working If you […]

Windows Media Player won’t open on Windows 10

At times, you may find that your Windows Media Player does not open or work, or that it cannot play MP4 or DVDs or rip CD/Media. You could face other symptoms like – nothing happens upon clicking the icon for […]

Codec Packs for Windows 8

I always enjoy watch clips and videos in Windows Media Player than any other player this very reason I always look for a codec pack suitable for my need. As you know Windows 8 does not natively supports MKV, so […]

Load subtitles in Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7

You may find lot of players out there which are capable of playing video and loading subtitles with it. But most of the Windows lovers like to still using Windows Media Player to watch movies and listen to music etc. […]

Play Windows Media files in QuickTime Player

By default, QuickTime does not play the Windows Media files viz .wmv and .wma. If you want to play these file formats in QuickTime, download and install Windows Media Components for QuickTime. Play Windows Media files in QuickTime With Windows […]