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Sandbox Configuration Manager

Create Sandbox in Windows 10 using Sandbox Configuration Manager

Windows Sandbox is a lightweight desktop environment which makes sure that you can run applications in isolation. The arrangement makes sure the app doesn’t get access to core Windows files and other system files. That said, it’s not straightforward to […]

How to use Windows Sandbox and Virtual Machines together

How to use Windows Sandbox and VMWare or VirtualBox together

Windows Sandbox makes use of the Hyper-V feature to run on a Windows 10 computer. But when this is enabled any third-party virtualization software cannot be run. This includes software like VMWare, VirtualBox and so on. But this limitation can […]

Windows 10 Sandbox greyed out

Windows 10 Sandbox item is greyed out or greyed out

The only way to enable Windows Sandbox feature is from the Turn Windows features on and off utility. There are various components in the background that support the functioning of this Windows Sandbox feature. It will work directly on the basis of […]

Windows Sandbox not loading, opening or working

If your Windows Sandbox has not been loading, opening or working and throwing out various error codes like 0x80070057, 0x800706d9, 0x80070002, 0x80070569, 0x80072746, and 0xc0370106, then this post may be able to help you. The error code 0x80070002 may be […]

Windows Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106

Windows Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106

When running Windows Sandbox if you receive the following error message, Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106, The virtual machine or container exited unexpectedly, then this post will help you. This error is caused due to the supporting virtualization […]

Fix Windows Sandbox not having an Internet connection

Windows Sandbox has no Internet connection

Some users have been reporting that the Windows Sandbox environment is not connecting to the Internet. Due to this issue, using applications that requires an Internet connection becomes a painful experience and fully defeats the use-case scenario of the Windows […]

How to enable Windows Sandbox in VirtualBox guest OS

Windows Sandbox is one of the new features in Windows 10. Unfortunately, even if you are using the correct Windows 10 build in VirtualBox, you cannot use Windows Sandbox. Like VMware, VirtualBox requires specific support from your processor so that […]

How to enable Windows Sandbox in VMware Workstation

You can enable and use Windows Sandbox in VMware guest operating system running Windows 10. However, you cannot use a nested virtual machine on Windows unless you have and enable certain functionality related to your processor. That is the reason, […]

How to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10

The most popular way to put up some suspicious code running on a device is by tricking in the user to install a suspicious program on the targetted device. Lack of awareness among the user base regarding these kinds of […]

Sandbox and Sandboxing software

What is a Sandbox? Free Sandboxing software for Windows 10 PC

Sandbox is an environment created to run untrusted and unauthorized applications so that they cannot harm the underlying OS. Sandboxing is a common security practice that is used to test third-party unauthorized or suspicious codes. It is very much like […]